Update on Joshua Project 2000 Research Team Requirements

Recently the question has arisen as to whether short-term on-site teams who wish to venture out as Joshua Project 2000 researchers need to register with the AD2000 & Beyond Movement . So, in case you missed it elsewhere, the answer is "Yes". Our desire is not only to track research activity, but to assist teams prepare themselves adequately through a training process using a manual and live sessions developed specifically for Joshua Project 2000. Additionally, it is our wish to facilitate in-country contacts where appropriate, to lift these teams in prayer and to have a reference for follow-up purposes.

Numerous copies of the training manual, Life-Changing Encounters, have been sold to help prepare teams.. Data returned to the AD2000 office on the profile survey form will be welcome. However, for the sake of long-range goals and the security of many involved - directly and indirectly - teams desiring to identify themselves as Joshua Project 2000 research teams are required to file a registration form with the International Office in Colorado Springs.

For some suggestions on gathering research and a list of resources, CLICK HERE.<>

Contact info@ad2000.org for registration forms, other<> preparatory aids or assistance. The training manual, Life-Changing Encounters, can be ordered from Caleb Project by contacting info@cproject.com.<>

The AD2000 International Office will be closing early in 2001. Click here for more information.

Download a copy of the Joshua Project 2000 Research Team Registration Form