February 15, 1996 Improved Web page announcement

Welcome to our new and improved Web page. This home page was first created in May '95 by a wonderful group of volunteers who sought to provide current reports from the Global Consultation on World Evangelization held that month in Seoul Korea. The information that went into the web page can be found in the section on GCOWE '95.

On February 14, 1996 we moved our Web pages in-house to our server here in our office building in Colorado Springs. We now have the ability to update information on a daily basis if need be. Thanks to the technical help to make this move.

For those of you who checked our Web page between its formation in May '95 to before February 14, '96 you didn't find any updates. That has changed. As you look through our six newly added sections you will see that the structure has been created to continually update this page. We trust this page has now become a major link to the missionary movements from Asia, Africa and Latin America who though they often lack access to the Web will be able to see their information posted here.

Pray for us here in the AD2000 International Office as we move out into this new phase of information sharing. We want to be advocates for those who have linked with this movement while being sensitive to each person's ministry situation and unique security needs.

Serving the servants,

AD2000 Director of Media and Communications

E-mail: info@ad2000.org

The AD2000 International Office will be closing early in 2001. Click here for more information.