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As the AD2000 & Beyond Movement moves towards its final closure date of early 2001, all of the movement's Tracks / Resource Networks and Task Forces have been requested to provide an overview summary of their specific realm of experience over the 5 - 10 years of their operational existence. These reports have been prepared for compilation of a "lasting record" of this movement and for all to see, as they are interested!

Please see the attached revised report on the Partnership Development Task Force prepared by the Task Force Chair and International Director of Interdev, Phill Butler. This Task Force has extended almost the whole time of AD2000 & Beyond. The Lord has used it as a tremendous global connection for leaders worldwide. Many thanks and praises to God for the leadership of Phill Butler and Mats Tunehag, for their great efforts and those of the others involved!

These reports will all be included along with other historical reports and data of the AD2000 & Beyond Movement, including the AD2000 website, and much more on a CD-ROM being produced for distribution at Celebrate Messiah 2000. Further distribution of this CD-ROM will also be made after the conference. Please email if you<> are interested in purchasing one of these CD-ROMs.

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The AD2000 International Office will be closing early in 2001. Click here for more information.

Thank you for your interest in the AD2000 & Beyond Movement and its spiritual and catalytic outworkings into the 21st century. Please continue to pray for the movement until our closing day! Thank you!

That all may hear!

Luis Bush
International Director
AD2000 & Beyond Movement


1) Brief historical involvement overview of your particular Task Force.

The AD2000 & Beyond Movement Radio Task Force was primarily represented by World by 2000 and its partner ministries. World by 2000 was a commitment by five international radio ministries to provide every man, woman and child on earth the opportunity to turn on their radios and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ in the language they can understand so they can become followers of Christ and responsible members of His church. These five international radio ministries, FEBA Radio, Far East Broadcasting Company, HCJB World Radio SIM, and Trans World Radio made this commitment with the objective of jointly completing this task by the year 2000. In addition to the original broadcast ministries, Galcom, Words of Hope, IBRA Radio and Back to the Bible were invited to join as Associates in the World by 2000 effort as a result of their commitment to the World by 2000 objectives.

The World by 2000 objectives fit very well in the focus of the AD2000 & Beyond Movement, "A church for every people and the gospel for every person by AD 2000." The World by 2000 effort had a primary focus on languages of the least-reached people of the world where there were 1,000,000 or more people speaking a particular language. Sharing a similar focus and objective, World by 2000 provided the foundation for the AD2000 Radio Task Force and made available to the AD2000 and Beyond Movement and its other Task Forces information from its Broadcast Data System about the languages where Christian broadcasting was already available, what languages these broadcasts were in, and what new languages World by 2000 was planning to initiate broadcasts.

2) How did God use you and the Task Force?

The AD2000 Radio Task Force was used to demonstrate how radio broadcasting is very effective in both helping to potentially establish the church in every community in the world as well as to personally make available to everyone the opportunity to respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ through a personal relationship with Him. Through interaction with other Task Force leaders, we gained a better understanding of each other's primary focus of ministry and how we might help one another in our respective areas of ministry to become more effective. By making a contribution to the whole effort of AD2000 and Beyond Movement, the Radio Task Force was able to establish new and broader networks of ministry connection and contributed to broadening ministry opportunities for other Task Force members as well.

3) What specific goals did the Task Force accomplish?

Networking with other Task Forces and ministries was one of our specific goals to see how we might assist others through international Christian broadcasting in reaching their objectives as they overlapped with ours. This was accomplished primarily through the regular Task Force meetings convened by the AD2000 and Beyond Movement. Networks were established in particular areas of ministry and these sometimes developed into partnerships. As long as the Task Force meetings were held regularly, we become more and more aware of other areas of networking and partnering.

Sharing statistical data came out of networking. The Radio Task Force was able to link up with other ministries maintaining statistical data of the people of the world and correlate our data with theirs. This was helpful in making each other's data more useful, accurate and more available for other ministries to use.

One hundred and ten new language broadcasts were added to international missionary radio broadcast schedules representing over 650 million people who are now able to hear the gospel in a language they can understand where they did not have this opportunity before 1985 when the World by 2000 association of international Christian broadcasters began and later made up the major portion of the AD2000 Radio Task Force.

4) What were the lessons learned?

It is easy for us to maintain biases towards our focus of ministry and our method of ministry. It is important for us to understand, as best we can, how God has called and gifted others in His Body for ministry and how we compliment one another in accomplishing His purposes in building his Church.

5) What would you have done differently?

We may have been able to make a greater contribution to the overall AD2000 and Beyond Movement's objectives by having more representation from the international broadcast partners of World by 2000. Overall, however, I do not think we would have done things much differently.

6) What recommendations for a new movement would you have?

Networking and fellowship meetings are important. Large conferences must always have a high level of interactive opportunities, both structured and unstructured. Email, email discussion conferences, sharing of data, exchanging of ideas by whatever means, and keeping each other informed of current and emerging ministry direction is important to keep networking current between meetings but they can never substitute for the face-to-face and heart-to-heart exchanges in interactive networking meetings.

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