Summary Report: Missions Mobilization Network

Dear AD2-Announce Reader: <[p>As the AD2000 & Beyond Movement moves towards its final closure date of early 2001, all of the movement's Tracks / Resource Networks and Task Forces have been requested to provide an overview summary of their specific realm of experience over the 5 - 10 years of their operational existence. These reports have been prepared for compilation of a "lasting record" of this movement and for all to see, as they are interested!

Please see the attached report on the Missions Mobilization Network prepared by George Verwer, International Coordinator for Operation Mobilisation. This was one of the earlier tracks that God has blessed mightily as you will see. We thank God and praise Him for the leadership of George Verwer in this tremendous global effort of mobilizing new missionaries in reaching the unreached.

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Thank you for your interest in the AD2000 & Beyond Movement and its outworkings into the 21st century. Please continue to pray for the movement until our closing day! Thank you!

That all may hear!

Luis Bush
International Director
AD2000 & Beyond Movement

Report of Mobilization of New Missionaries Track

by George Verwer

The story of the Mobilization of New Missionaries Track, which became the Missions Mobilization Network, is an exciting story of faith, action and many answers to prayer. It's also a story of strong opposition and spiritual warfare.

There are seven words that come to my mind as I think of the past ten years in which I have been involved as Chairperson for six years. Pari Rickard was the Track Co-ordinator for a good part of the time and I want to pay tribute to Pari and his staffed based at the YWAM headquarters at the Oval in Harpenden, for the great work they did. In recent years, Chacko Thomas stepped into Pari's shoes and we have seen God's hand on him.

Here are my seven words and some key thoughts that I hope we can all keep in mind as we go into the new millennium.

CATALYST - this has been one of the main components of our entire ministry. The thousands of e-mails, letters, phone calls and the hundreds of thousands of mobilization materials that have gone out around the world have brought all kinds of response and action. Both GCOWE in Korea and South Africa were major events in which our Network played a major role and all kinds of other mobilization activities flowed in and out of it. E-mail and the Internet were major factors in getting the challenge out around the globe.

PARTNERSHIP - this was major, but often hard to separate from other aspects of what was going on in the AD 2000 Movement. Organizations like OM, through our involvement in what God was doing, developed partnerships that we have longed to have for years, especially in connection with the great Jesus Film project and strategy. There has been an increase of on-the-field partnerships, but we don't want to take any credit for it because we feel our part often was so small. We do have the joy of knowing there are many workers in the harvest fields right now because of what the Holy Spirit has been doing. These partnerships in many cases will continue regardless of regional and international structures. The right structures with the right people will, however, be a major factor as to what is accomplished in the years to come.

FOCUS - we have been able to focus on the major challenge and need, that recruits from all churches and all nations are urgently needed, especially in the 10/40 Window. We have done this by having a worldwide promotion of the SENDING MINISTRY. The book Serving As Senders by Neil Pirolo became our number one book and we were able to 'push' it literally into many languages and distributed tens of thousands of copies around the globe. We worked together with publishers and many agencies to accomplish this. Having a partnership with OM, and their huge book displays in Korea and South Africa was a win/win for us. We can't measure the impact of the books, videos and tapes that flooded out across the globe from those events. Not only churches, but also whole denominations were impacted. Not only have new sending Acts 13 style churches come into being, but also new organizations and missions have been born. There is no question that the number of cross cultural workers and missionaries has greatly increased over the past ten years with the biggest action being in the Two-thirds World and newer mission sending countries. We are trying to get a greater handle on the actual numbers and it is very hard. There isn't unity on how to count the number of missionaries.

One of the books we are pushing is Patrick Johnstone's The Church is Bigger Than You Think; this book will help people understand what God has been doing. We in the Mission Mobilization Network know that our part in all this has been small, but we thank God for the privilege of having that small part.

PRO-ACTIVE - We have stayed proactive through all kinds of discouragements, disappointments and obstacles. A couple of years ago I did a tape, "Does the Lack of Money Hinder God's Work" and these past ten years have proven around the world the message of that tape. When I first joined I could not believe there was so little money to fund what needed to be done, right down to the last postage stamp. At this point we always like to emphasize the faithfulness of God and give one of our favorite spiritual clich‚s, but I would like to remind us that most human beings, including Christians, are more known for our unfaithfulness.. I do not believe we will ever reach the world with the Gospel (about one-fourth have probably never heard or read the Gospel in any form) unless we become more faithful to God and His Word. In my view, less than 10% of all who profess the name of the Lord are faithful to His Word especially in terms of prayer, discipline, evangelism, grace and love. Any celebration that we engage in must be filled with Holy Ghost reality in which we are honest about our sins and failures. We have failed In our Network and we know that with more discipline, action, faith and finance, we could have accomplished ten times as much.

VISION - God has given us a great vision and that vision has grown and will continue. It is worked out in different ways in different people and situations. We have had a fresh vision of the Lord in the midst of the work, especially from Isaiah 6. We have understood better how His Glory is involved in all this. John Piper's book Let the Nations Be Glad has been greatly used along these lines.

Our vision of the field white unto harvest has also increased and the passion to see the workers raised up to bring in the harvest, much of which was already happening before we ever got involved. During the past ten years I personally have been motivated every day to press on in this great task and feel I must continue in this until the Lord comes or takes me. When you meet people in almost every nation of the world who are pressing on because you have spoken up and spread the vision, then it is very motivating to KEEP ON KEEPING ON. The Acts 13 Breakthrough Vision, or concept, is still part of the heart of what we are trying to do and as we look to the future, we are trying to discern the best way to go forward. For a number of reasons we have not had the finance (and faith) to promote this the way we would like. We are short of people, especially leaders who will really take ownership of this and make it their passion. We pray and believe that greater breakthroughs are ahead.

GRACE AWAKENED - our Network has tried to call for unity in the midst of diversity. As co-director of the conference for mission executives, which was part of GCOWE, South Africa, I was facing one of the bigger challenges in my ministry. We had such a wide range of people and I knew that some were at odds with one another. I was very nervous and wanted to run away from it all. Again, God was faithful and the Holy Spirit did a work in our midst. Walls were broken down, some relationships restored and many new ones born. It was messy, but God was in it.

Among many there is a new commitment to agree to disagree in a loving and grace-awakened way. My new book Out of the Comfort Zone, A Call to Vision, Grace and Action will be out this summer and this is one of the major themes of the book. It also presents the Acts 13 Breakthrough Vision. Almost all of us in the AD 2000 Movement saw things that were seemingly part of the Movement that we were not happy about or agreed with, yet for the most part, because of our priorities and goals and the oneness in Christ, we stayed together and I am sure that will be felt at the special gathering coming up in Jerusalem. Being the speaker at the opening night of Urbana, USA, makes it impossible for me to be a Jerusalem, but as I stand together with about 19,000 students, we want to be of one heart and mind with all God's people around the globe. This is not some kind of new ecumenism, as some would criticize us of, but simply a dynamic biblical reality based 100% on the eternal truth of God's Word.

FUTURE - the road ahead will not be easy. There will be increased opposition from without in this post-modern era ..., but the greatest opposition may come from within. Grace-killers are not all retiring or going to heaven and judgementalism, gossip and misinformation will continue to hinder the work of God. Various forms of extremism and false teaching will continue to batter the body of Christ. Some of you know my most widely quoted GV proverb! 'Where two or three of God's people are gathered together, sooner or later there will be a mess.' My brothers and sisters, the church world-wide with over 26,000 denominations is going to get messier and harder to understand, yet in the midst of this mess will continue the greatest harvest to Christ the world has ever known! To God be all the praise and glory.

Unrealistic expectations about revival, unity and transformation will only lead to discouragement, confusion and unreality. The need for biblical balance is greater than ever. The Internet can help us with communication and mobilization. We must stay on the cutting edge of this, but remembering that high-tech demands high-touch. Nothing will be more important than our own walk with God and our fellowship with one another.

The world is certainly not yet evangelised and according to certain definitions never will be. 25% or more have not even once heard or read the Gospel. There are many people groups with no church or with a church so small that it would be a complete lack of reality and integrity to say they were reached. So, there is much to do and we must all agree that workers of all kinds are needed if the job is to be done. One way or another, we have to keep obeying Matthew 9:35 and Acts 13 and keep mobilizing and sending workers out to the harvest fields.

In closing, I want to request prayer for our Missions Mobilization Network that includes all those linked and associated with us around the globe. We need to know God's way forward and without more help and prayer, even if we know the way we will not be able to do much about it. We look forward to networking and partnering with you for His glory.

George Verwer
Missions Mobilization Network

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