Strategic Task Force on Evangelism at Amsterdam 2000

Dear AD2-Announce Reader:

Amsterdam 2000 has just been completed and some great praises and thanks come forth!

Please see the attached message flowing from the Strategic Task Force on Evangelism process there - which reveals that (finally) ALL the Joshua Project 2000 peoples have now been 100% claimed for committed outreach efforts. This is great news! Praise God!

This outworking of Amsterdam 2000 brings to completion the strategic Joshua Project 2000 Unreached Peoples' vision given by God just five years ago - at GCOWE '95 in Seoul, South Korea! Let us not only rejoice in this great news, but let us continue in praise and petition to the Lord Almighty in faithful ongoing prayer for these ministries and their newly committed efforts of outreach to those precious souls so close to the heart of God. Let His Name be praise through it all!

In His limitless love, that ALL may hear - soon!

Luis Bush
International Director
AD2000 & Beyond Movement

Amsterdam 2000
Mission Frontiers on Assignment
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

August 5, 2000

Strategic Task Force on Evangelism at Amsterdam 2000 Launches New Effort to Reach "The Untargeted Peoples"

Bruce Wilkinson of Walk Through the Bible Ministries spoke yesterday to the 500 members of the Strategic Task Force challenging them to take responsibility for reaching the 253 "Untargeted Peoples" that the AD2000 and Beyond Movement has identified. These are people groups from the Joshua Project list which have populations over 10,000 people and are less than 5% Christian and 2% Evangelical. They are "untargeted" because no known agency is taking responsibility for sending a team and establishing a church planting effort.

Wilkinson started by sharing an experience he had while reading the journals of missionary Hudson Taylor during which God challenged him to: "Obey the Great Commission." As a result he has turned Walk Through the Bible Ministries into a globally-focused ministry with the goal of teaching the Bible to "the whole world." When God told him to obey the Great Commission, he had no idea what it would mean for Walk Through the Bible Ministries or how this new vision would unfold. But as he committed himself to the task, God led Wilkinson to start a new ministry called World Teach, which has the goal of preparing a faculty of teacher around the world to teach 10 Bible courses 30 times a year in every district of 50,000 people.

Wilkinson then challenged the assembled members of the Strategic Task Force to stand up and take responsibility for reaching each of the 253 Untargeted Peoples on a list provided by Luis Bush of the AD2000 Movement. Dozens of dele gates came forward to register their commitment to reach specific peoples on the list. Soon over 170 Untargeted Peoples had been covered. But there were still 100 left. Paul Eshleman of the Jesus Film Project then took the podium and announced that three large agencies represented at the meeting had agreed to cover all of the remaining Untargeted Peoples. These agencies were the Southern Baptist International Mission Board, Campus Crusade/Jesus Film Project and Youth With A Mission (YWAM).

This list of "Untargeted Peoples" was first introduced at the Mission Executive Meeting at the Global Consultation on World Evangelization 1997 (GCOWE '97) in Pretoria, South Africa. At this meeting the over 500 assembled mission agency leaders took responsibility for all but 279 of the almost 600 Joshua Project Peoples that had no known church planting effort among them at that time. Over the last three years Mission Frontiers has occasionally published this list and encouraged mission agencies to target these peoples with a church planting effort.

In the coming days the task force will be working out the details of a new fellowship of global strategists and a vision statement to guide future efforts to develop global strategies to reach every tribe and tongue and bring the gospel to every person.

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