A Countdown: Historical Happenings in Brazil

Dear AD2-Announce Reader:

We serve a mighty and miracle-working God! Praises be to Him!!

Doris and I have traveled to many global places and special consultations to "reach the unreached" in the 10/40 Window and beyond. Each one has left an imprint on our lives and given inspiration to "continue to the end" the journey given us! This latest journey throughout Brazil was "another one" - this one with its own unique and inspiring portions, blessings and provision, almost unlike any other.

Please read, pray and be lifted up by what you see and sense God is doing in and through His people in Brazil - as lives are touched there and beyond! May you be blessed as you read!

That ALL may hear - soon!

Luis Bush
International Director
AD2000 & Beyond Movement

Historical Happenings in Brazil

by David Botelho and Fred Nuckley

What do the following numbers have in common with the Northeast of Brazil: 300,000, 2000, 600, 500, 400, 130, 97, 32, 21, 16, 15, 5, 4, 3, 2 & 1?

Well, 2000 years ago our Saviour was born in Bethlehem and 500 years ago in the Northeast of Brazil this nation was born. Two weeks ago 97 students of the 4 year 'Project Radical - the 10/40 Window and Beyond' were in 5 cities of the northeast of which 3 were state capitals. Along with the 'Radicals' were 2 guests, Luis and Doris Bush who had flown in for 1 week of ministry. The 'Radicals' had spent the previous five weeks in more than 600 churches around the North and Northeast promoting the project and informing churches of their responsibility 'to the ends of the earth'. Several radio and TV stations also interviewed them. The 'Radicals' come from 4 nations, 16 different denominations and 32 of them are 'Nordestinos'. That's historical!

Although the NE of Brazil is generally one of the poorest parts there are large towns that are more prosperous. However, there are still people begging on the streets and it seems that there is a lower standard of living here than in Sao Paulo. The biggest problem for some of the towns is the severe water shortage. This means that people often have to collect or have water delivered and hence reuse as much water as possible, (i.e. washing up water for flushing the toilet, etc.). The water level in drains is very low and the stench level is very high in places!! Although many are poor financially they are incredibly rich spiritually, this area has a high number of Christians along the coast. The 'Nordestinos' are people who can relate to many of the sufferings of those in the 10/40 Window. They not only suffer high unemployment and water shortage but also have learnt many skills by adapting to difficult situations. As with the majority of Brazilians their skin colour enables them to blend into other world communities easily.

The five cities visited were Natal, Recife, Abru Lima, Caruaru and Joao Pessoa. In Natal (which is celebrating its 400th anniversary) we saw God's hand moving in response to prayer and also in ways that we did not expect. The event there was in an outdoor amphitheatre, it was raining before the start of the event and in response to prayer stopped until after the event had finished. The crowd were moved by the 'Radicals' in their traditional African and Asian clothes and by the songs in different languages. The following morning 130 pastors from the city met together for the first time, (truly historical) for breakfast and to listen to a 10/40 challenge from Luis Bush and David Botelho (President of Missao Horizontes, co-ordinators of Project Radical).

In Recife it rained so much that the electrics in the sports hall we were planning to use became so dangerous that the owner's cancelled the event. The radio and TV stations were advising people not to travel, because the roads were flooded, but 15 coach loads turned up and we were able to use (at ten minutes notice) a local church that held 2000 people. When we went to Joao Pessoa for the last two events the story was much the same weather wise, but people ventured out. Luis, Doris, the Missao Horizontes leaders and the audience all danced and sang along with the 'Radicals'. There was a very moving climax to the final evening when all the audience formed a huge circle around the arena and joined hands in prayer for the 'Radicals'.

The people in the churches of the Northeast have had their hearts touched with the needs of world mission and they certainly understand more about those in the 10/40 Window. For the 'Radicals' this was a valuable experience as they come towards the end of their training in Latin America. They still have a lot of promotional work and fund raising to do before September. They need to raise about $3,000 per person for their final period of training and language learning in the UK or France before spending a minimum of two years working in their selected mission fields. That is a total of approximately $300,000; this is for their air travel, vaccines, health insurance and their time language learning, etc. The final rally will be on 9th September in Sao Paulo with Don Richardson, (writer of Peace Child, etc.).

For Missao Horizontes and the AD2000 Movement it was a time of sowing the seeds of information about the 10/40 Window in the churches, which we pray will grow into more workers and supporting churches in the future. Some of the people we met at the different events were so keen to get involved in mission that they travelled with us on our coaches back to our base in Minas Gerais and have joined the Bible school in preparation to be involved with the next project.

We would like to also record here our grateful thanks to Luis and Doris Bush who ministered in the power of God and were a real blessing to us all.

Perhaps you have noticed that the number 21 is as yet missing - this is because U is the 21st letter in the alphabet and we need U to pray for this project. We face a great challenge both spiritually and financially to send this large team to bless the nations of the poorest parts of the world.

Your co-workers in the Great Harvest
The Leaders of Missao Horizontes, Latin America.

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