Summary Report: AD2000 United Prayer Track

Dear AD2-Announce Reader:

As the AD2000 & Beyond Movement moves towards its final closure date of early 2001, all of the movement's Tracks / Resource Networks and Task Forces have been requested to provide an overview summary of their specific realm of experience over the 5 - 10 years of their operational existence. These reports have been prepared for compilation of a "lasting record" of this movement and for all to see, as they are interested!

Please see the attached report on The United Prayer Track prepared by C. Peter Wagner. This was one of the earliest AD2000 Tracks, which God has used and blessed mightily. Praise God and special thanks to Peter & Doris and their worldwide team for efforts and giving to this spiritual stream of the global movement.

These reports will all be included along with other historical reports and data of the AD2000 & Beyond Movement, including the AD2000 website, and much more on a CD-ROM being produced for distribution at Celebrate Messiah 2000. Further distribution of this CD-ROM will also be made after the conference. Please email if you<> are interested in purchasing one of these CD-ROMs.

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The AD2000 International Office will be closing early in 2001. Click here for more information.

Thank you for your interest in the AD2000 & Beyond Movement and its outworkings into the 21st century. Please continue to pray for the movement until our closing day! Thank you!

That all may hear!

Luis Bush
International Director
AD2000 & Beyond Movement


C. Peter Wagner

A major factor entering into my decision to accept the coordination of the AD2000 United Prayer Track in 1991 was Luis Bush's determination that prayer would be a central part, not just a mandatory adjunct, to the movement he was helping to birth. This was a radical departure from many other international evangelistically-focused movements with which I had been associated previously.

Furthermore, Luis is a risk-taker. When I accepted the position, he agreed that I would incorporate into the Prayer Track the emerging Spiritual Warfare Network of which I was International Coordinator. Spiritual warfare was a very controversial issue in those days, but I was convinced that the most relevant prayer for reaching the lost of the 10/40 Window would be aggressive, targeted warfare prayer, and Luis was willing to let me experiment with it in AD2000.

The result was that the global prayer movement, focused on saving the lost, ended the decade on a level which could not even have been imagined in 1990. The decade will be recorded in history as the most innovative decade for prayer to date. Let me record this history by listing the ten major innovations, and then the ten major prayer milestones.

The 10 Major Prayer Innovations of the 1990s

I had no trouble in compiling this list of the top ten innovations in the prayer movement, but I had an extremely difficult time trying to list them in order of importance. Consequently, I put the items in a hat and drew them in random order:

  1. Strategic-level spiritual warfare. The idea of taking authority over high-ranking principalities and powers assigned by Satan to keep social networks of various kinds in spiritual darkness was the focus of the Spiritual Warfare Network starting in 1990. Key authors included Cindy Jacobs, Dick Eastman, and C. Peter Wagner.
  2. Identificational repentance. The body of Christ began to learn that it is possible to heal the wounds of the past through identificational repentance and thus to weaken strongholds that Satan has built. The key author was John Dawson.
  3. Prayer evangelism. Prayer has ordinarily been an add-on to evangelism, but now we know that prayer itself, when intelligently strategized and focused, can be a direct force for winning people to Christ. The key author was Ed Silvoso.
  4. Personal intercession for leaders. For pastors and other Christian leaders, identifying and relating positively to personal intercessors can mean the difference between success and failure in ministry. Key authors included John Maxwell, Terry Teykl, and C. Peter Wagner.
  5. Two-way prayer. Prayer is not just speaking to God, but also hearing directly from Him. Derivatives of this include prophecy, the office of prophet, and prophetic intercession. Key authors included Cindy Jacobs and Chuck Pierce.
  6. On-site praying. Prayer began to move out of the church and into the community through praise marches, prayer expeditions, prayer journeys, and prayerwalking. Key authors included Graham Kendrick, Steve Hawthorne and C. Peter Wagner.
  7. City transformation. Through prayer, the kingdom of God can move out of the church and penetrate all levels of society, thereby transforming cities and other territories. Key authors included George Otis, Jr., Ed Silvoso, John Dawson, and C. Peter Wagner.
  8. The AD2000 United Prayer Track. A vehicle for mobilizing prayer for the lost at a level never before seen in church history. Key authors included Luis Bush, Beverly Pegues, and Dick Eastman.
  9. Commitment to the land. Spiritual authority of pastors and other leaders increases proportionately to their commitment to the territory in which God has placed them. The key author was Bob Beckett.
  10. Spiritual mapping. Spirit-guided research can help target our prayers and produced informed, and thus more effective, intercession. The key author was George Otis, Jr.

The 10 Major Prayer Milestones of the 1990s

These milestones, of course, were selected from my personal perspective. Others might list them differently. They are in chronological order, with the dates being the beginning dates, not necessarily the end because many still continue.

  1. Praying Through Ramadan, 1992. This is also called "30-Day Muslim Prayer Focus," the title of the annual prayer guide published for intercessors.
  2. Praying Through the Window, 1993. Up to 40 million intercessors were mobilized to pray for the same thing on the same day through October on four different occasions: 1993, 1995, 1997, 1999.
  3. Gideon's Army, 1993. The first international meeting of the Spiritual Warfare Network held at Kwang Lim Methodist Prayer Mountain in Seoul, Korea. At this point, the SWN went public.
  4. The Day to Change the World, 1994. This was the first international March for Jesus. Up to 12 million Christians took to their streets in 168 nations of the world.
  5. Cardinal Points Prayer, 1994. The YWAM office in Australia coordinated placing experienced intercessors at the furthest geographical north, south, east, and west locations on all continents on the same day to do prophetic intercession.
  6. The Reconciliation Walk, 1996-1999. Hundreds of Christians retraced the paths of the First Crusade, engaged in intense identificational repentance for the sins of our Christian forefathers against Muslims and Jews.
  7. Operation Ice Castle, 1997. An experienced prayer team scaled Mt. Everest in the highest level (both topographically and spiritually) prophetic prayer initiative to date.
  8. Bethany People Profiles, 1997. The publication of 4-page, prayer-oriented profiles of all the 1,739 significant unreached people groups of the 10/40 Window.
  9. Operation Queen's Palace, 1997-1999. A major worldwide mobilization of the armies of God to confront the Queen of Heaven, culminating in Celebration Ephesus in Turkey.
  10. Dedication of the World Prayer Center, 1998. The most sophisticated prayer switchboard for connecting international intercessors to date.

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