World by Radio 2nd Quarter Praise & Prayer

The following are the World by Radio Praise and Prayer items for the second quarter of 2000. Included in this quarter's praise and prayer items are reports of persecution of Christians, new broadcast station opportunities, new broadcasts of languages, and updates on languages where broadcasts are still needed.



FEBA Communications in Pakistan is broadcasting in 5 World by Radio languages: Baluchi, Siraiki, Hindko, Brahui, and, from early this year, Balti.

The BALUCHI programme "Sanj" has proved very popular. One listener writes: "When I listen to the programme my heart leaps for joy. In the programme the things that are told from the Injil and the sayings of Jesus Christ I like very much". Another writes: "Sanj" is the number one Baluchi programme". Baluchi is on air 3 days a week. Pray for the programme suppliers, Sanj Communications, as they attempt to raise funds for a 4th programme.

SIRAIKI is broadcast 4 days a week and we are praying for one more programme within the next 12 months.

HINDKO is broadcast 6 days a week and we would like to make it daily.

BRAHUI broadcasts are once a week. Praise God that we are ready to produce the second programme. Pray for the security of the production team.

BALTI is 2 days a week. We praise the Lord for enabling us to broadcast in this new language. We are planning to produce one more program early next year. Pray that the producer and suppliers/sponsors of the programmes will have enough resources to produce new programmes and enough material for give-aways for listeners.

Please Pray For Those Entrusted With Promotions And Fundraising:

SAMMY LYALL has been given a new position of International Director of Ministry Development from Jan 2000. As well as his responsibilities for production and training, he will be responsible for developing an international support base for Feba Communications. Pray for him as he visits the Gulf and UAE from 17th May to 4th June.

Promotion Officer SALEEM SHEHZAD needs your prayers as he travels a lot within the country for promotion and fundraising. Please pray for God's guidance for him, and for his safety.

Studio Project

FEBA Communications plans to have a new studio within 2 years. Pray for the necessary funds and expertise needed for the project.

Rapid International Links (RIL)

We are doing some tests with the help of Feba UK. We hope to start sending the programmes once we have completed our tests, using the new version Cooledit2000. Please pray for Jocelyn and Javed who are doing the tests.


We PRAISE the Lord that a programme has started this year which is being broadcast in two new languages: DZONKHA and ASSAMESE. The same programme -entitled "Atmik Yatra" (Spirital Journey) is also being broadcast in PUNJABI. We praise God for the organization "Gospel for Asia" who is supplying and sponsoring the programmes.

Also new in the PUNJABI language is a new 15-minute programme, "Tusi Dhan Hovo" (Blessings to you), broadcast on Saturday mornings. The programme, presented in a lively manner in message format, is aimed at a general audience while incorporating some Christian content. The theme is how to receive blessing."

Please PRAY:

FEBC - Far East Broadcasting Company


Praise for a license for FM broadcasts in Phnom Penh that has been issued. Pray for the issuance of importation papers. There is also an option for broadcasting on a medium wave station in the northeastern city of Stung Treng.


Pray for the Christians undergoing massive persecution of throughout Indonesia, which has largely gone unreported in the western media. In Ambon and islands of the Maluccas hundreds of Christians have been wiped out. Christian broadcasting in Jakarta has come under heavy threat.


Pray for good progress in the development of local FM broadcasts as this project is characterized by uncertainty and risk. There is the possibility of using a low-power FM transmitter developed by HCJB World Radio. Pray for the support needed for this project and meetings with prospective donors.


Pray for the development of new English broadcasts. FEBC is discontinuing its Manila Englsih language service May 7 and plans are being made with FEBA Radio to partner together in developing a multi-media English language ministry using a combination of broadcast and Internet/Web facilities to provide full interactivity. It is probable that a variety of production and playout centers around the world will be networked together to accomplish this.

HCJB - HCJB World Radio


Praise the Lord that Christian Igbo broadcasters went on the air in January. They are being aired to Nigeria via short-wave from Johannesburg. Pray that many of the 15 million Igbo speakers would tune in to the programs. Also pray for production and follow-up.


Praise God that weekly programs are now on the air in Bemba, a World by Radio language spoken by 2 million people in Zambia. Response to the programs has been very encouraging.


Thank God for excellent response to the Kimbundu broadcast into Angola. Many listeners have turned to Christ.

Praise the Lord for faithful partners who stand with us in working toward the goal of providing Christian radio programming in the languages of those who don't have them now. These partners participate in many ways: financial, research, transmission and, most of all, prayer.


Pray that the remaining six World by Radio languages in HCJB World Radio's responsibility would be on the air by the end of 2000. The remaining languages are these: Chechen, Kikongo San Salvador, Kituba, Luri, Southern Uzbek and Turkmen.

IBRA Radio


Radio and cassette ministry in unreached area. Kitunda Kisose has been a faithful servant of God for several years now. Together with his family he has recently moved to Niger to set up a pioneer mission. He kicks off his work by recording programs on cassette, to be distributed in an initial quantity of 500 copies. The programs are in Hausa, Zarma and French. By the end of March a media committee with five members will be started in Niger. The committee will plan how to use the cassettes and also be responsible for the over all strategy for the work.

Brother Kisose tells in a report about Gods loving care for him and his family. When they at the beginning of their stay in the country at a critical moment needed some money in order to get their working permits, a sister in a local church lent them $1000, which in Niger is a very large sum.

Pray that God will open doors for Brother Kisose so that he will also be able to go more into the radio work he is called to do. Thank God for the cassette ministry and pray that God will touch many peoples hearts through this work.


Increasing response. The IBRA office in Cyprus reports that the response from listeners continue to grow. More than 1,300 letters and phone calls came in January and more than 1,400 in February. Most significant is the increasing number of phone calls. This means a better contact with the listener than previously, and a better opportunity to present the gospel. There is also a significant increase when it comes to the feedback to our follow up addresses in one of the Middle Eastern countries. We can thank God for a dramatic 30-40% increase in this country. When it comes to the "new" ways of keeping in touch with the listeners, the phone is the number one alternative today, but fax and e-mail are also starting to come on strong. We're counting on a rapid growth over the next couple of years when it comes to e-mail, and also see it as important that we as Christians are involved in and don't miss out on the fast growth of the information technology.

Pray that the feedback will continue to grow.

Pray that many people will not only send in letters and e-mails etc, but that they will also get to know the Lord Jesus Christ personally and receive eternal life.


An international example in church planting strategy. At the DAWN conference on church planting, that recently was being held in Switzerland, Wolfgang Simpson held forward IBRA as a successful example of church planting through radio. Simpson pointed at the way IBRA efficiently uses media in order to set up house churches. In the book "Houses That Changed The World" IBRA is also being referred to as a successful example of church planting through radio.

Thank God for what he has done so far through the IBRA radio ministry when it comes to planting house churches.

Pray for the protection of new believers and the leaders of the house churches.

TWR - Trans World Radio


  • Praise the Lord for our Balinese producer's commitment to the production and follow-up work involved in the Balinese ministry. Pray for protection as he is sometimes threatened by anti-Christian extremists living in Bali.
  • Pray for the human and financial resources needed for the development of more Balinese follow-up work.
  • Praise the Lord for the families who have accepted Christ as their personal Savior as a result of the Balinese programs. Pray regarding the need of discipleship for these new believers. Also pray that those who have not yet been baptized would have the courage to take this step in their Christian faith.
  • Pray for safety for the local radio station in Bali that broadcasts our Balinese programs.
  • Pray that a good relationship will be developed with the church in Bali, so that we can work together to reach the Balinese with the Gospel of Christ.


    1. Praise the Lord for the listeners to the Madurese programs who have put their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray that they would be strong in their commitment to the Lord, and that they would not be intimidated by threats against them.
    2. Pray for the follow-up worker of the Madurese programs. Pray for strength and wisdom as he is sometimes threatened for his Christian faith.
    3. Pray for the need for more follow-up workers in the Madurese ministry. Pray that the Lord would raise up young men and women who are mature in their Christian faith, and who are committed to reaching the Madurese people with the saving Gospel of Christ.


    1. Pray as our programming in the Torajanese language is discussed and evaluated, and as program plans are put in place. Pray that our programs would meet the spiritual needs of our listeners.

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