First Ever Consultation / NEI-COE

Dear AD2-Announce Reader:

Praises be to God for the great moves of His Spirit in our midst in these continuing days! Please see Cindy Perry's report on a "first ever" Congress of Evangelism in the North East India / Himalayan region, with indications of more to follow. For those so inclined, please pray for Cindy and the continuing efforts there, with support to follow in any way appropriate. Thank you!

That all may hear!

Luis Bush
International Director
AD2000 & Beyond Movement

First Ever Consultation / NEI-COE
December 1999

NEI-COE (North East India Congress of Evangelism) was held in Shillong, Meghalaya, a beautiful hill station in the heart of the 7 sister states of NEI, from 9-12 December 1999. Daily attendance was between 500 and 600, with 360 delegates from outside Meghalaya. Outside delegates came from Nagaland (121), Manipur (97), Mizoram (28), Assam (114), Arunachal Pradesh (9), Sikkim (8), Kathmandu (1), and Darjeeling; primarily Nepali speakers. Speakers also joined us from Delhi, Bangalore, Darjeeling, Kathmandu and USA (Dr Thomas Wang was our special guest speaker). Ministries represented were all the Nepali church associations of NE India, Himalayan AD2000, Sikkim AD2000, Gospel Recordings from Nepal, Scripture Gift Mission India, OM Nepal, Scripture Union Nepal, GCCI of Texas, and AD2000 & Beyond Movement; and several NEI church and para-church groups with an interest in working among unreached Nepalis.

The basic purposes of this consultation were to draw together Nepali speaking pastors and leaders for the first time from throughout NEI, foster greater unity and cooperation, impart vision for reaching the unreached among their own people (over 3 million Nepali in NEI) both in NEI and neighboring areas of Burma and Bangladesh, and help to develop effective strategy to this end. Also to begin to network with them and develop better relationship\understanding with other Indian groups desiring to work in their midst.

This was the first such meeting ever held, and met with great enthusiasm and desire to move forward. Otherwise Nepalis in this broad area are very divided and scattered, have little opportunity for fellowship and encouragement, especially as immigrants (although some have been in NEI for 2-3 generations). They are mostly regarded even within local non-Nepali churches as 2nd class citizens, and have a feeling of being oppressed. The COE helped to foster better relationship and beginnings of dialogue with majority community church leaders.

The next steps / follow-on efforts are: State-wide leaders and pastors conferences are now being planned, at initiative of delegates from each state. Mizoram first Nepali conference was just held in Aizawl from 10-13 February 2000 (that's where I just returned from!), and Assam's first conference is scheduled in April 2000. At the Assam meeting representatives are also being called from each of the other NEI states, for a day of joint consultation on formulation of a joint outeach target and strategy.

Warm greetings in Christ!

Cindy Perry
Himalayan Ministries
14 February 2000

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