Copperbelt Working Committee Report

July-December, 1999
Compiled by Pastor Kashweka

On July 28-29th 1999, Zambia was blessed with a visit from International Director of AD2000 & Beyond Movement, Dr Luis Bush and the Africa and Pacific Coordinator, Mr Ross Campbell.

Participants from various church denominations and ministries gathered together at Mindola and were challenged with the vision of "the church for every people and the gospel for every person."

It was discovered during the consultation that, according to the Integrated Strategic Planning Database Global Research information, 41 of Zambia's people groups were evangelized, 26 unevangelised, 9 unreached and 8 unknown.

In working groups the least evangelized provinces, people groups and socio-economic and religious groups not being reached by current Christian ministries, were also identified.

At the end of the consultation, a working committee for the Copperbelt was put in place to:

  1. Develop the vision and to sensitize denominational and ministry leaders.
  2. Research the unfinished task.
  3. Encourage national prayer networks and spiritual warfare.
  4. Train and equip new missionaries for church planting and release of women into missions.
  5. Discover and develop effective strategies for reaching the unreached.

Consultation Response and Follow Up Action:


Soon after the July consultation, one of the unreached people groups in Zambia, the Gujarati, were targeted for evangelism. There are 12,000 Gujuratis in Zambia out of the total world population of 42,959,600. They are classified as unevangelized even though the Bible and the Jesus film are available in Gujarati.

A two-week programme, 14th - 25th August 1999, was organized and sponsored by AD2000 Copperbelt through Dr Francis Fernandes who invited Pastor Rafik Daudjee of All Nations Church in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, to send a team of three ex-Hindi Gujarati Christians, to reach the Gujarati business community. Five Copperbelt districts and the capital Lusaka were targeted. The programme included sensitizing on how to reach Gujaratis, shop-to shop evangelism and tract distribution, counselling and evangelism in homes, prayer for the sick and certain strongholds. Rev. Mpundu Mutala organized the team to be interviewed on Radio Christian Voice, which was aired to the whole country and repeated weekly. They also visited the State House and met staff who were surprised by the Indian - Gujarati team's knowledge and cultural shift to the Lord Jesus Christ. Seven Gujaratis gave their lives to Christ in Chingola as Dr. Fernandes and the team ministered to them. One lady in Kitwe, who had a recent close encounter with sickness while in America, received Jesus into her life after the Gujarati message was shared. It was also reported that two persons of Gujarati background also received the Lord in Lusaka.

Kenyans of Indian origin, Pastor Sunil Kapur and Pastor Afri Chandra of Ascken organization in Nairobi, Kenya, were invited to Chingola by the AD2000 team and ministered similarly in Chingola and Ndola earlier in the year. Future plans to reach the outlying areas, more especially southern and eastern provinces, is being considered. The need is basically a Gujurati couple for full time ministry to work along with the AD2000 team in Chingola.

Copperbelt Consultation - 11th September 1999 - Kitwe

A follow-up meeting to the first national consultation meeting was held on Sept. 11, 1999 in Kitwe. It was a challenge for the local working group to organize the meeting for the purpose of mobilizing and sensitizing church leaders. The delegates examined in detail the case study on Ghana presented by Ross Campbell. This study was taken because of the similarities between Zambia and Ghana. "A rich heritage in the gospel, well established denominations, vast infrastructures, many specialized ministries operating in the country and yet not having gotten everything together and not having finished the task of missions."

The three main questions asked and discussed were:

  1. Vision
    1. Do we as Zambians have a vision both local and international?
    2. What is the vision?
    3. Is it shared?
  2. Information
    1. Do we have the information on the harvest field?
  3. Resources
    1. Do we have resources?
    2. Are they mobilized?
    3. Are they well managed?

The Consultation concluded that:

  1. We do not have a national vision and that one should be developed.
  2. That the information available is not shared and thus many are ignorant about the unfinished task both locally and internationally.
  3. The resources like infrastructure, information systems, preachers, finances are available but they are not properly mobilized.

Chingola Geographical Consultations -25th Sept. 1999

In a continued effort to mobilize and sensitize the church, a geographical consultation was held in Chingola on the 25th September 1999 in a further effort to mobilize and sensitize the church. The purpose of this consultation was to examine the local vision and strategy for pioneer church planting and saturation church planting.

Research was done and the following data was made available in summary:

  1. Total population of Chingola - 202,294 people
  2. Population below 10 yrs - 65,037 people
  3. Population above 10 yrs - 137, 257 people
  4. Number of gospel preaching churches and ministries - 102
  5. Registered membership - 12,867 in all 102 churches
  6. Sunday attendance - 11,567 in all 102 churches
  7. Unreached in all age groups - 189,427 people
  8. Unreached above 10 yrs - 126,380 people
  9. Largest congregation membership - 660 members
  10. Smallest congregation membership - 10 members

Discussion Questions

  1. What is the vision and goals of your church regarding missions?
  2. Do we as the Body of Christ in Chingola have a clear motivating vision and goals for the evangelization of our town? If so, what are they?
  3. To what degree is the whole church in Chingola involved in the task of local / national evangelization?
  4. To what degree is our whole town being targeted with the gospel?
  5. What is a people group?
  6. Who are the unreached / unevangelised people groups in Chingola?
  7. Are we reaching them? If not why not? How can we reach them?

October Prayer Calendar

October 1999 saw thousands of Christians on the Copperbelt join millions of believers world-wide on focused prayer on the 65 countries in t he 10/40 Window. This programme was called "Praying Through the Window IV". This programme also included praying for Zambia.

The whole Copperbelt was organized and each town was to have chain prayer for one week in specific centres and then come together on the final Saturday of the week for a prayer summit. October 30th was chosen as a day for all Copperbelt participants to come together in Kitwe for an all day prayer convention.

The calendar adopted was as follows:

All the meetings took place in all the main towns chosen. Chililabombwe, Chamishi and Kalulushi only sent a few representatives.

A need to have specific geographical mission consultations in each town was decided upon in order to ensure all churches and ministries were well sensitized.

Report of the visit to India and Nepal in October - November 1999

The goal was to establish networking links for future mission outreach.

The October 1999 "Praying Through the Window IV" was very eventful with multitudes of testimonies to the greatness of God. The October prayer was well coordinated by the Zambian AD2000 & Beyond Movement - Copperbelt Committee who worked hand in hand with the Zambian Intercessory Network. Narrated below is one of the many testimonies of how God answered in Chingola and how one of the AD2000 committee members was able to visit the 10-40 Window countries of India and Nepal as God opening doors in answer to the prayer of the people of Zambia!! Praise the Lord for praying people!

On the 3rd October 1999, pastors and various church congregations joined hands in prayer with the Zambia AD2000 members at Buyantanshi Hall in Nchanga North.

Township for the Unreached Peoples of the World

God opened a door for the vice chairman of the Copperbelt Committee to travel to India. It was confirmed when the email from Sunil Kapur of Ascken, Kenya, informed him of his travel to India and Nepal. Even as others members continued to lead Zambian churches in the Copperbelt to a united glorious final day on 30 October 1999 at Kitwe, the vice chairman was in India.

On November 1, 1999 as he was invited to close in prayer the power or the Holy Spirit, used him in prophetic messages to that church. The pastor, a New Life Fellowship state leader, was also so overwhelmed that he recommended our brother travel to Bombay to attend the "All India state Leaders meeting" of the New Life Fellowship so as to share the AD2000 vision to reach the unreached.

On the 4th October 1999 as the vice chairman shared with the leadership of New Life Fellowship Church in Bombay, the head pastor Joseph, released his pastors of the New Life Fellowship church in New Delhi, Maharastra, Gujurat and even Karnataka to network with Zambia.

On the 6th October 1999, the Vice Chairman travelled to New Delhi and Haryana for praying on site and in Nepal later from the 8th November to the 14th November 1999, where he attended the advanced Christian Leadership Seminar organized by the Haggai Institute. During the intensive training at Katmandu, the gospel was presented to the delegates with a cultural relevance and sensitivity to all peoples especially the unreached and advanced skills taught so as to effectively evangelize the people groups. It was possible for our brother to present the AD2000 missions vision for every tribe, language and ethnic people group. Pastors and church leaders form India, Nepal and even Bangladesh have opened their door for Zambian missions teams to help them reach their people.

The Vice Chairman was invited to share his testimony and a Zambian chorus on the final banquet day. Psalm 2:8 says "Ask of Me and I shall give you the heathen for your inheritance and the uttermost parts of the earth for your possession." this is a testimony to the power of united prayer to open concrete walls in the 10-40 Window.

Acts 26:18 says "To open their eyes and to turn them from darkness to light and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in Me."

After returning to Zambia, God is still faithful to keep the doors open as revealed in the following feedback received from the 10-40 Window areas visited.

  1. An email message received from one of the brothers met in the Nepal seminar, who is from the state Bihar in India. He says "I want help for missions to my tribe who are originally of the Mohenjo-daro and Harappa civilizations in the Indus valley.
  2. Email from the Pastor of the New Life Fellowship in New Delhi. He confirmed contacting our new convert, an Indian Doctor who was working in Zambia and had accepted the Lord at the Chingola-Nchanga Mine Hospital a few months ago.

For any further details on the above reports, please contact either: The Chairman, Rev Timothy Kasweka by email
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