Report on the Chukchi people of Russia

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Here is a powerful Joshua Project 2000 story that can be used to stimulate praise, encouragement and prayers for the ongoing outreach to Joshua Project 2000 peoples worldwide.

May this report be blessed of God into other like settings in need, as God would so lead and provide!

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Luis Bush
International Director
AD2000 & Beyond Movement

Subj: Chukchi people of Russia
Date: 1/7/00

Dear Luis,

I wanted to share with you a great current example of partnership to reach a least reached people group with the Joshua Project 2000. Last night, a group of 12 doctors, a nurse, an Army Chaplain, a Russian missionary and myself met to plan and strategize to help reach the Chukchi people of the Russian Far East. We had downloaded the most current Joshua Project 2000 list of this people group with the relevant details as well as the work among data. We were encouraged to see so many churches and ministries focused on praying for and strategizing to see this remote people reached with the Gospel. We are hoping to assist the current indigenous ministry going on in that area, to bring much needed and requested medical training and services to this area, and to help develop favor between local believers and the local authorities.

The Chukchi people of the Russian Far East are located in one of the most secured and restricted areas of the former Soviet Union due to the proximity to Alaska and all of the strategic missile and submarine bases in that region. They live along the Bering Sea and derive much of their income from salmon and caviar or reindeer herding. This area is on the tundra and is extremely cold and harsh. The Chukchi are a strong and hardy people. They follow shamans and are an animistic people.

The Russians began to "Russo-fize" the Chukchi's several hundred years ago under the leadership of the Czars. They tried to force the Chukchi's to accept Russian Orthodox Christianity. The Chukchi's did not embrace orthodoxy. Next the Communists tried to force communism and atheism onto this animistic people. That failed as well.

In 1992, two young Ukrainian couples serving with the Good Samaritan Mission, felt called by God to go to Chukchotka to bring the Gospel to this people group. They were able to purchase an old World War II era truck and they loaded it up with their personal belongings, extra fuel, and ministry tools. They drove along the Trans-Siberian railroad until there was no more road, then they drove cross-country further north and further east. Six weeks later (42 days) of non-stop driving day and night, they arrived in Anadyr, Chukchokta. This time, the Gospel was brought into this area not by force, but with love. Churches are being planted and for the first time, Chukchi's are feeling called to reach out their own people.

In August of 2000, a group of medical doctors and dentists will be traveling to Anadyr to bring a holistic approach to the Gospel. The authorities in this area are very distrusting of Christians and have been known to persecute believers there. The hope is that this humanitarian team of Christian doctors will be able to bring favorable light to the Christian witness and concern, as well as to bring much needed medical services to this impoverished region. When the authorities see the great work that is done in the name of Christ with nothing given in return, we pray they will then look more favorably on the local believers.

This is truly a model of partnership to reach a people group. Local churches have adopted this group for prayer, Christian Aid Mission helps to support the local evangelistic outreaches by Good Samaritan Mission, Nehemiah Ministries trains the new believers, and these highly trained doctors bring tangible gifts of medicine and health to the community.

Please pray for us as we raise the needed finances for this trip and for the ongoing work in this region. Pray also for favor with local government officials and with immigration officials. Pray for safety for the team as we fly from Alaska over the Bering Sea to Anadyr just below the Arctic Circle on the tundra. Pray the there would be a continued move of the Holy Spirit among the Chukchi people and that they in turn could reach other unreached arctic peoples for the Lord. Thank you for your interest and prayers,

Mike Clinton

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