Praying Through the Window III

When: October, 1997
Where: Approximately 1,700 People Groups mostly in the 10/40 Window
Who: 30-50 Million Christians
Agenda: The momentum coming out of Praying for the 100 Gateway Cities where over 400 teams prayed on site and 30 million prayed worldwide shows that by October '97 teams could be raised up to visit most if not all of the least reached peoples. Christians worldwide will pray for the 1,739 least evangelized peoples of the world. The goal is to have at least one prayer team on site within each of the 137 "gateway peoples." These teams will pray specifically for a church planting effort to be raised up for these peoples and will provide any research information still needed for the effective deployment of church planting teams.
The full text (with pictures) of the Praying Through the Window III: The Unreached Peoples book from Caleb Project

Well laid out Calendar for PTW III from the Bethany World Prayer Center

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