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Praying Through
The 10/40 Window IV

A Message From Peter Wagner

The world has never seen a prayer movement matching what God has been doing during the decade of the 1990s. No one at all could possibly comprehend or accurately measure its magnitude. I would suspect, however, that the one who is the most aware of the power of this prayer movement would be the devil himself. He has never lost so much territory in such short a time. He has great wrath because he knows his time is short (see Rev. 12:12), but there is little he can do about the advance of the kingdom of God.

The body of Christ in every continent has been mobilizing for the great air war preceding the entrance of the ground troops_the missionaries and church planters and pastors and evangelists_who will go to the front lines to complete the Great Commission. Ours is the first generation ever to see light at the end of the Great Commission tunnel. Nothing has been more important in bringing us to this point than the rapidly expanding prayer movement that you and I are a part of.

Of course, powerful prayer for world evangelization did not start with the organization of the AD2000 United Prayer Track at the beginning of our decade. Faithful people have been standing in the gap for centuries. But, by God's grace, both the quality and the quantity of prayer have accelerated enormously. One of our major vehicles for bringing Christians to pray together "in one accord," as Luke says in the Book of Acts, is the Praying Through the Window series. Let's refresh our memories:

Praying Through the Window I was conducted during October 1993. The target was the 62 nations of the 10/40 Window. Christian Information Network, led by Beverly Pegues, published and distributed a prayer calendar listing two of the nations each day during the 31 days of October. The Sentinel Group, led by George Otis, Jr., researched and published a book called Strongholds of the 10/40 Window (YWAM Publishing), which served as a guide for targeting our prayers. When we began we wondered if we might be able to help 1 million Christians to pray in one accord for the same nation on the same day during the month. However, when we finished, we found that 21 million had joined to fight the air war with powerful prayer!

During that prayer thrust, 188 prayer journey teams took 257 journeys visiting every nation of the 10/40 Window but one to pray on site. And that was only the number officially recorded. The actual number would have been much higher. All the wonderful blessings of this unprecedented prayer initiative are recorded in the amazing book, WindoWatchman (Christian Information Network).

Praying Through the Window II was held during October 1995. This time the target was the 100 Gateway Cities of the 10/40 Window. The prayer calendar featured three cities on some days and four cities on other days. Some 36 million prayed in one accord for the same city on the same day through the month. A book was published entitled, Praying Through the 100 Gateway Cities of the 10/40 Window (YWAM Publishing). Although not all were officially recorded at Christian Information Network, an estimated 10,000 prayer journeyers went into the gateway cities to pray on site. All this is reported in the book, WindoWatchman II (Christian Information Network).

Praying Through the Window III took place in October 1997. We were praying for the 1,739 significant unreached people groups of the 10/40 Window, grouped into 130 clusters. The final tally is not in, but we would not be surprised if 50 million believers were praying together for the unreached people groups. A book, The Unreached Peoples of the 10/40 Window was published by YWAM. Bethany World Prayer Center of Baker, LA researched and published 4-page profiles of all 1,739 unreached peoples. Manna Church of Fayetteville, NC has enlisted between 10 and 20 local churches to pray for a particular unreached people group through the year 2000. Thousands took prayer journeys to the unreached peoples of their choice.

Now: Praying Through the Window IV

The final global prayer effort of the AD2000 United Prayer Track is scheduled for October 1999. But, happily, it will not be the last such prayer effort because Campus Crusade for Christ, under the leadership of Vonette Bright and Ben Jennings, will carry these efforts forward through the year 2000, and beyond the 10/40 Window to include the rest of the world.

This time we will have a broad focus and a detailed focus. The broad focus will be the nations of the 10/40 Window, similar to 1993 (although a couple of new nations have come into being since then). Once again we will circulate a prayer calendar and pray for certain nations on certain days throughout the month of October. Incidentally, some have said that these prayer calendars are the most circulated single sheets of paper in the whole Christian world. I don't doubt it.

The detail will come with the "Million People Target Areas" (MPTAs) that Campus Crusade has been researching and targeting for years. The major cities of the 10/40 Window each contain one or more of these MPTAs. Outside of the cities they are clustered around what we are calling a "Strategic Town." The book helping us to target our prayers for this initiative will contain maps of each of the nations with the location of each of the cities and Strategic Towns within the nation. Many home-based and church-based intercessors will pray specifically for these cities and towns, and it is hoped that prayer journey teams will visit each one of them for on site prayer.

To keep continuity with Praying Through the Window III, the description of the cities and towns will each contain a list of those among the 1,739 unreached people groups which are present in significant numbers. In this way we will be praying for nations, for cities, and for unreached people groups as we pray for the Million People Target Areas in October 1999.

When we do that, Campus Crusade takes over. They have plans called the "Macedonia Project" through which they hope to send prayer journey teams into all the rest of the MPTAs, even outside the 10/40 Window. And, even more, they are launching an effort to motivate the prayer leaders of each nation of the whole world to designate and implement one month of prayer for their nation in 2000. We will all be part of that process.

This is by far the most exciting and potentially the most effective prayer initiative we have ever undertaken. Please pray for this, and specifically for the members of the Praying Through the Window IV committee: Michael Little of CBN, chairperson; Vonette Bright of Campus Crusade, co-chairperson; Beverly Pegues of Christian Information Network, secretary; C. Peter Wagner of AD2000 United Prayer Track; Luis Bush of AD2000 International Office; Doris Wagner of Global Harvest Ministries; Ben Jennings of Campus Crusade; Fred Markert of YWAM Strategic Frontiers; John Robb of World Vision International; Stephen Strang of Strang Communications; Floyd McClung of YWAM, Trinidad; and Dick Eastman of Every Home for Christ.

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