Reaching the Romany/Gypsies Through Media/Literature

In addition to the written Word, the Romany/Gypsy team seeks to provide media resources in culturally appropriate forms and languages. Radio broadcasts, videos, audiocassettes, literature and other media resources are essential for sharing the gospel with any non-literate people. Since most Romany/Gypsy communities function in oral societies, media development is essential.

Partnering with TransWorld Radio, CBF has helped to bring the Good News to many European Romany/Gypsy in their heart language. The broadcasts do reach areas where it is difficult for missionaries to obtain residence permits, but how can the poorest of the poor afford radios, electricity, or batteries to hear the programs? The Hand-Crank radio! When this black box with a handle on the side, is cranked for 30 seconds it runs for 45 minutes without power. The radios will be distributed to committed Romany Christians who invite friends and family into their homes to listen to the Christian radio broadcasts. Pray for the distribution of the first shipment of radios into Bulgaria this spring.

Gypsy group: Lovari

Also known as horse traders and musicians.
Location: Hungary and Romania
Religions: Adopt the host country's religion. Predominately Reformed Protestant.
Languages: Host country language and Lovari dialect in Hungary and Romania
Population: Hungary -- 500,000. Romania -- 4 million
# of Christians: undetermined numerically but minimal
Scripture/Radio/Film Available: Available in host country language, but none in Lovari.

Priority Prayer Needs:

  1. Lay leadership training for Elimir, a believer in the Pocsaj mission and for other leadership candidates to be raised up among the Romany.
  2. Guidance and a partnership in printing the New Testament in the Lovari dialect.
  3. For two committed Romany candidates to attend the Operation Mobilization church planting and evangelism training to begin September '99 in Budapest.

Pray for the Pocsaj Gypsy Mission in Hungary. Through long, cold winters they have been worshiping in an old, unheated movie theater. As their faith has grown, so has their reliance upon God to provide their own heated place of worship. Many of them are unemployed, living day to day, often going to bed hungry and cold, but they give towards this goal. It is sacrificially giving just as the widow did in Jesus' teaching. Please ask God to provide a place to worship they can call their own with a steady source of heat.

Prayer for the Lovari Gypsies: "Dear Lord, give every people the chance to feast on Your word in their language and in a form of bread that nourishes their souls." Amen.

Jesus answered, "It is written: 'Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'" Matt. 4:4

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