World Day of Prayer for the Romany/Gypsies

The CBF Romany/Gypsy Team believes in incarnational ministry--that is, real people going to where the Romany/Gypsy people are in order to share the Gospel and support believers. The team includes six couples who live in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Join us in honoring the Lord on this special day with praises for the work and miracles He has done among the Romany/Gypsies in their ministries.

1. "We Praise the Lord for Prayer Networks"

TB, a young Christian Gypsy from Budapest, Hungary, shares the love of God with Gypsies through the Pocsaj mission. When TB faced surgery for a tumor in his lung, team members Ralph & Tammy Stocks requested prayer for him through their personal prayer network and CBF's Prayer Associates, a monthly prayer guide. A few weeks later, the answer came. TB's doctor not only said the tumor had shrunk, but completely disappeared! TB was ecstatic, giving all the praise to God. One year later TB is still tumor free and engaged to be married! He presses forth with his message of God's love for his people, the Gypsies. Praise the Great Physician for what He has done in TB's life through prayer.

2. "We Praise the Lord for Volunteers and New Adopting Partners "

Retired missionaries, Earl and Jane Martin volunteered to serve as the "Adopt the Romany People" Coordinators in the US. They serve the team and adopting groups to promote the needs of the Romany/Gypsies. Through their work and others, many churches and small groups have made covenants to adopt the Romany/Gypsy unreached people group. We thank the Lord for all our US partners!

3. " We Praise the Lord for New Leadership Training Opportunities"

A dream came true for team members T & Kathie Thomas in October 1998 when the Gypsy Smith training school for Romany/Gypsies opened in Bucharest. For the first time in Europe a Baptist school designed to train Gypsy pastors and missionaries to evangelize their own people began with 30 enrolled. Following a model similar to one already used by team members in India, Gypsy men and women can now come and study basic courses in Biblical and practical studies in short sessions while continuing to live and work in their own towns.

4. "We Praise the Lord for Audio Bible Stories in Gypsy languages"

In Middle Eastern Gypsy society, the spoken word is valued. Their language has never been written, and the printed word is a part of the alien, modern world into which few have entered. Through the work of our ME/NA team members, Gospel stories will be recorded in the Gypsy language so that the spoken Word can be heard in their closed communities. Soon the voice of God will be incarnate again through the voice of one of his Gypsy children. Hallelujah in all languages!

5. "We Praise the Lord for a New Jesus Film Partnership in India

The Jesus Film in Lambadi, the heart language of the Banjara Gypsies of India, is being shown by a Banjara team exclusively in Banjara villages for the first time. Team members James & Robbi Francovich and Campus Crusade for Christ formed a partnership to show the popular film a minimum of 15 times a month in Banjara villages throughout a three-state region. We thank God for Kulli Naik and Srinivas Naik, the two young Banjara showing the film who left college to take up this wonderful ministry.

6. "We Praise the Lord for Bible Translations in Gypsy Dialects"

The entire Bible is scheduled to be published in Kalderash, a Romany/Gypsy dialect spoken across Europe, by the year 2000. Thousands of Kalderash believers and church workers will finally have access to the Word of God in their own language. Keith Holmes & Mary Van Rheenan, the team's resource coordinators, recently developed a computer program for switching text from one alphabet to another. Rather than having to retranslate a Romany dialect, the flip of a switch makes the Scripture readable to those in Eastern and Western Europe.

7. "We Praise the Lord for a Christian Presence among Gypsies in Russia"

In Irkutsk, Siberia, team members Frank & Cindy Dawson have been fellowshipping with a group of Romany/Gypsies who came from Moldova. Two of the women began visiting the Russian Baptist church with some of their children. They have now been accepted and are attending with other Gypsy women, several children and a few men. They pray with passion for their family members and friends, and for forgiveness of sin. On Thursday nights, they meet together for Bible study in their own language. One man quit his job to devote his time to the Lord, Bible Study, and sharing his faith.

A Prayer of Praise for God's Mighty Acts Among the Romany/Gypsies: "We praise You Lord for your mighty acts, for your faithfulness to the poor and oppressed. We praise you for flinging open the doors of your Kingdom with a special welcome to the very ones the powers of this world would shut out. May all the peoples of the earth join creation in making a joyful noise to you, the only true God. Amen." (Read Psalm 66:1-4)

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