Reaching the Romany/Gypsies Through Networking

Recognizing the vastness of worldwide resources, the Romany/Gypsy team seeks to establish relationships that will maximize resources and efforts. Increasing other Great Commission Christians' awareness of the Romany/Gypsies will lead to increased participation in evangelistic efforts.

Illiana has been praying for a church to be built in her small village of Calagarini, Romania. Her non-believing Gypsy husband gave some land, but their small house church couldn't afford to build a church. In faith, Illiana bought a set of double, wooden doors and prayed, "Dear God: Please build a church around these doors!" CBF does not build buildings, but team members T Thomas and Ralph Stocks knew the Wilkes Foundation of Florida does.. and they did in Calagarini! Illiana, with tears in her eyes told Bob Wilkes, "You and your friends are the visible answer to eight years of my prayers! Thank you so much!" This new Romanian Baptist church's cross is now seen from the highway by many travelers. And just below the cross are Illiana's doors: "Doors of faith" that a Romanian woman saw grow into a church building through the partnership of Great Commission Christians.

Gypsy Group: Kalderash, or Kalderari

Known for making and selling pots & pans. Also sell carpets door to door, sharpen knives, and re-cane furniture. Some are also agricultural workers, street cleaners, and driven to thievery.
Location: Romania and 40 other countries world-wide including Australia, China, New Zealand, most of the Americas and Western Asia.
Religions: Folk religion with pre-Hindu elements from their Indian heritage.
Languages: Kalderash, from the Vlax group of Romani dialects and based on Sanskrit
Population: 4 million in Romania; 7 million world-wide.
# of Christians: 2 million.
Scripture/Radio/Film Available: New Testament, 1995 ; radio programs in Kalderash in 1999, the Jesus film is in process.

Priority Prayer Needs:

  1. The timely completion of the entire Bible in Kalderash Romani and its use in Bible study programs on the radio and use in training Kalderash Gypsy leaders.
  2. For the work of Keith Holmes and his wife Mary on the Jesus film in Kalderash.

Pray for the 30 students training as evangelists in "The Gypsy Smith School", men and women coming from all over Romania. "We are so thankful to be able to study God's Word together and to be better prepared to share Christ with our people," said one student. "My heart is singing with joy!" In fact, the students sang late into the night each evening accompanied by the accordion and prayers of thanksgiving.

Prayer for the Kalderash Gypsies: "We praise you Lord for calling out Christian Kalderash leaders. We ask you to call Great Commission Christians everywhere to cooperate in bringing your hope to the Romany people. Amen."

"There is one body and one Spirit-just as you were called to one hope." Eph. 4:4

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