Reaching the Romany/Gypsies Through Prayer

Recognizing that prayer provides the underpinning for all Christian, evangelistic endeavors, the CBF Romany/Gypsy team is committed to cooperatively build and communicate with international prayer networks. The team is expanding this prayer network into every time zone of the world.

Team members Frank and Cindy Dawson have taken seriously the challenge to build this worldwide prayer network since, "Our country, Russia, already covers half the time zones!" While traveling for a team meeting, Frank shared this vision at a mission-minded church in Malta. After the service, a Maltese believer named Stella said she felt God was calling her to be the one to help her church pray for the Romany/Gypsies. We thank God for all the "Stellas" out there who are partnering with us in prayer.

Gypsy Groups: Baltic, Balkan, and Vlax Romany

In Siberia, the "Tzigany" may be descendents of Russian Gypsies sent by Stalin to the salt and coal mines or those from Eastern Europe escaping racial persecution in recent years.
Location: Baltic States, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan, Siberia, Moldova
Religions: Nationalistic variations of the Orthodox Church; Muslim
Languages: Russian, Romani and their national language.
Population: Baltic-850,000, Balkan-828,000, Vlax- estimated at 2-3 million.
# of Christians: Unknown
Scripture/Radio/Film Available: The Gospel of Matthew and a witnessing booklet are available now in the Baltic dialect. The New Testament will be printed summer 1999.

Priority Prayer Needs:

  1. Continued translation of the Bible into Romani using Cyrillic alphabet.
  2. That National Churches would open their doors and their hearts to the Romany.

Pray for Pasha, a young Romany man who has been a believer for six years. He became a Christian after attending a Christian concert. He was later able to lead his sister, Natasha, to the Lord. Pasha is now studying at a Bible school in Irkutsk, Siberia and plans on being a missionary to his people. His sister will study at the Bible School next year. He anxiously awaits the completion of the New Testament in the Baltic dialect so he can begin sharing it with all the Gypsies he meets.

Prayer for the Baltic, Balkan and Vlax Gypsies: "Dear Lord, please raise up many Gypsies, like Pasha and Natasha, who will hear your voice and be your prophets to the many Romany living throughout Russia and the Former Soviet Union. Father please help us to make the Scripture available in their dialects so these prophets will be able to share your Word with their people. Amen."

"And the Lord said to me, I will raise up a prophet from among their countrymen like you, and I will put My words in his mouth, and he shall speak to them all that I command him." Deuteronomy 18:18

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