Romany / Gypsy Prayer Guide

Reaching a Despised People In A Hidden Mission Field
April 5-11, 1999

The mission of the CBF Romany/Gypsy Team is to mobilize resources necessary to evangelize and disciple unreached Romany/Gypsies worldwide to bring about indigenous, self-reproducing communities of believers.

The focus of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship mission program is on people who have little or no access to the Gospel, including 42 million Romany/Gypsies scattered worldwide. In Europe they often live among or near Christians but are chased out of local worship services. In the Middle East, North Africa and Asia, they are hidden by the veil of Islam or blocked by Hinduism from hearing the Gospel.

This guide is dated for use during the week surrounding April 8th, the day recognized world-wide for the Romany/Gypsy people group. Each day focuses on a particular group and one of the strategies to reach this unreached people group for Christ. Use this guide for personal and family prayer times, or church and mission group prayer meetings. Please use as is or modify to suit your needs; copy and distribute freely.