The Chorao (Chrau) People

[Editor's Note: This is taken from a note from a pastor among the Chrau people. While the grammer may be weak, it tells of God moving powerfully among these people.

We are God's people in Vietnam. Here is a lay pastor, who serves the Lord since 1983 with CHORAO people. There is approximately 5000 people, among them there is 1000 people got saved.

Please pray for these people. They live in the same situation as other tribes which you mentioned.

I would like you to know that Chorao people is exactly CHRAU and to be accented by a local people as Cho'rao. They also speak Stieng, so they may be called Stieng-Chrau as well. So my friend a pastor has been serving the Lord with them since 1983, who knows well them by his limited. Because there are also many God's servants to serve with Chrau tribe. They live in large area spread from Dong Nai to Binh Long, Long Thanh to Vung Tau (most provinces in the Eastern VietNam). Thanks again to let us know some excited information of Chrau. The Chrau people loves the Lord much. There are many magicians, sorcerers, witch-craft men turn to the Lord when the Gospel is preached there. I have a friend pastor he has Church with more than 500 Stieng members, some times he brings a missionaries coming and sharing. Some times they got a trouble when police "appear", Praise God He blinds the one who wanna catch His servants. Hallelujah.

Because Chrau community lives quite close to HoChiMinh city (biggest of Vietnam) so we often reach out to them (as well with other tribe). Some big church like Assembly of God, Full Gospel... they reach out to the North (for instance Dao, Tay, Thai...) or the central, high mountain.

So, please pray for Chrau and our church God use mightily ! We desire all tribe in Vietnam got saved before Jesus comes ! Hallelujah.