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Posters & Maps

The 35/45 Turkic Window: A Gateway to the Muslim World
Glossy, full-color 17x22 inch poster.
Cost: $.20 each (Minimum order 5 for $1.00)

Joshua Project 2000 Mini-Posters
Glossy, full-color 11x16 inch poster with white space at the bottom for you to put the name of your church or organization, time and date of missions meetings, etc.
Cost: Reduced Cost! $.10 each

Praying Through the Window III Urbana Map
An 11x17 inch map of the 132 People Clusters that the Praying Through the Window III initiative is focusing on. Produced originally for Urbana '96.
OUT OF PRINT - No Longer Available

Click here to view the official version of the Praying Through the Window IV Map from the GMI web site. Information on ordering the official map is also available.

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