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Resources Available From Other Sources

Resources Available From Other Sources

Life Changing Encounters
A 103-page training manual for Joshua Project 2000 short-term research teams among unreached peoples.
Cost: $12.00 each
Order from: Caleb Project
10 W. Dry Creek Circle, Littleton, CO 80120
Phone: (303) 730-4170, Fax: (303) 730-4177

Click here to go to the Caleb Project web site, where you can order Life Changing Encounters online.

Bethany Prayer Profiles
High quality printed prayer profiles covering the Joshua Project 2000 Peoples.

Order individual profiles from:

    KeepSafe in Baker, LA has agreed to distribution individual profiles in quantities of 100.

    1618 Main Street
    Baker, LA 70714 USA
    Phone (toll free): 888-300-7800

Click here to go to the Bethany World Prayer Center web site, where you can view the prayer profiles online.

Training Resources
For assistance in organizing a short-term mission trip, live research team training is highly recommended. The following organizations are currently available for such training.

Emerging Young Leaders
Contact: Steve Moore
PO Box 3288
Englewood, CO 80155 USA
Office: (303) 771-3000
Fax: (303) 771-0933
Caleb Project
Contact: David Wallace
10 W. Dry Creek Circle
Littleton, CO 80120 USA
Phone: 303-730-4170
Fax: 303-730-4177
Forward Edge
15121-A NE 72nd Ave.
Vancouver, WA 98686 USA
Phone: 360-574-3343
Fax: 360-574-2118

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