Praying With Power

Updates From The Conference

When: February 12-15, 1997
Where: New Life Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
Who: Anyone interested in learning more about praying for the 10/40 Window or leading prayer journeys during Praying Through The Window III.
Agenda: Dozens of the world’s leading speakers on the subject of intercessory prayer and the 10/40 window will lead workshops and plenary sessions. Workshops: How to Get Your Church Involved, Home-Based Intercessory Prayer, Involving Believers from All Walks of Life, Training Prayer Journeyers and Team Leaders, Strategic-Level Warfare Prayer, Worship as an Instrument of Prayer, Unreached Peoples in the 10/40 Window, Church Planting Strategies, Involving the Next Generation, How to Communicate Across Cultural Barriers, Move of he Holy Spirit in the 10/40 Window.
Contact: Christian Information Network, 11005 State Highway 83 North #159, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, Phone: (719) 522-1040, Fax: (719) 277-7148, Email:,<> Web:

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