Joshua Project 2000
Unreached People Profiles

Why All The Different Lists?????

Really Only Two Lists

We realize that "all the different lists" can be confusing. There are really only two Joshua Project 2000 Peoples Lists:

We continue to make the original Joshua Project 2000 Peoples List of 1739 peoples available for those who have based work or study on that original list. The data in the individual profiles pointed to in that list is updated as we have more accurate data.

As additional data has come in from research teams and other sources, we have refined and updated the Joshua Project 2000 Peoples List. Some peoples were removed from the list because they no longer met the criteria of Joshua Project 2000 or other reasons. Others were added to the list. This process continues today as we get more information. This list is what is available as the "Current List" on the web.

To facilitate people who might be searching for a people and not know if it is on the old list or the new list, we have also made indexes available for a combined list -- all the peoples listed on the original list plus all the peoples on the current list. The individual profiles now contain fields indicating if that particular people was on the original list of 1739 peoples, or if it is on the most current, updated list.

On The Web -- Two Lists, Nine Views

When we originally presented the data on the World Wide Web, we felt it necessary to allow people to approach the list from different viewpoints. Initially we provided views of the list based on people name and also the country name. If a person knew the name of the people they were trying to find, they could find that people by looking directly at the people name index, regardless what country the people lived in. If they knew the country, they could look at that index and see what peoples were in each country. We also added the ability to view the list broken down by affinity blocks and gateway clusters.

With only the original list on the web, it appeared like three lists because of the three different views of the list. Now we have added the updated list and also the combined list. We have the same three views of the list for each of the two added lists. This can appear as nine lists, but the additional views of the lists make it appear as more lists.

The Database Download

Some people needed to look at the Joshua Project 2000 Peoples List data in ways which we did not have the resources to support. To accomodate them we made the Joshua Project 2000 database available for download. This is currently available as a self-extracting zipped DBF file (in Standard dBASE III, or MS Foxpro format). (This does NOT include the links to other web sites or the lists of organizations involved with the groups.)

Special Focus Subsets

There are three special focus lists also available. These are subsets of the original Joshua Project 2000 Peoples List.

Two of these lists, the Priority 1 Peoples and the 579 Peoples With No Known Church Planting Movement, are "point in time" lists -- when they were created it was for a specific \ purpose at that time. These two lists will not be updated over time to reflect changes in the numbers or content. They are included here for the sake of completeness.

The third list, the "Unclaimed" Peoples list is currently in the process of being updated to reflect both the updated Joshua Project 2000 Peoples list and also new information and commitments that have come in. It will be posted here as soon as it is available.

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