Joshua Project 2000
Unreached Peoples Lists

Why all the different lists?????

Combined Lists

(This list contains all the peoples on both the current and original Joshua Project Peoples Lists)

Original List

(This list contains the original 1739 peoples first published as the Joshua Project 2000 Unreached Peoples List.)

Special Focus Subsets

  1. A summary of the 216 "Priority 1" peoples. An attempt to rank the Joshua Project 2000 peoples according to ministry need. The priority is a weighted factoring of Percent Evangelical, Church Status, Availability of Ministry Tools, Agency Working Among the People, and Population.
  2. The 579 peoples with no known church planting movement among them as of mid-1997.
  3. The 172 "unclaimed" peoples, which as of August, 1997, are "unclaimed" for any level of church planting commitment. For more information, see the AD2000 press release entitled GCOWE 97 Advances A Church For Every People.

    The "Unclaimed" list is currently being updated to reflect both the updated Joshua Project 2000 Peoples list and also new information and commitments that have come in. It will be posted here as soon as it is available. The other two lists are not planned to be updated or refreshed.

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