What are Affinity Blocs and Gateway Clusters?

Affinity BLOC:
All the peoples in the list, who either live in the 10/40 Window or have cultural roots in the area, are broadly grouped into 12 blocs with affinities based on language, culture, religion, politics. In nearly every Bloc there are widely dissimilar and unrelated linguistic minorities, but often there is one particular culture that is dominant.
People Cluster:
Within each Affinity Bloc are a number of more closely related peoples which, for strategic purposes, may be clustered together. These relationships are often based on a common identity of language and name but sometimes on the basis of culture, religion, economy, or dominance of one group over another. Most peoples in the List may be grouped in this way in People "Clusters" and almost all have total populations of over one million. In each Affinity Bloc are a number of, usually, smaller peoples which do not easily fit into the 140 or so Gateway Peoples listed here; these are grouped in the category "Other". It is likely that each People Cluster will need an international partnership of Christian churches and agencies for the effective evangelization of each constituent people.

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