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December 27-30, 1996
Atlapa Convention Center
Panama City, Panama

A church for every people and the Gospel for every person in Latin America and the world by AD2000

AD2000 in December - Updates from Urbana<> '96, Latinoamerica 2000, and Conquista 96

Declaration of the Americas Denominational<> Summit (Latinoamerica 2000) But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. Acts 1:8

Together After Christmas and Before New Year's 1997

After 2000 years, two generations get together to pray for revival and to encourage each other to finish the task of evangelization of our continent and the world.

The winds of revival are blowing in the Americas. Everywhere the forces of God's Kingdom advance unstoppable. The moment has come to meet and plan the last evangelistic and missionary thrust of this century.

The living forces of the Church have been invited to meet in the city of Panama, heart of the Americas on December 27-30, 1996.

Leaders of the Present

Denominational leaders, pastors, youth leaders, women's and children's leaders. Professionals, executives, businessmen, politicians, athletes, artists...

Men and women that God has placed in positions of authority in society and the church will come to Panama to seek the Lord, catch His vision and plan how to use their influence and resources to accelerate the fulfillment of the Great Commission in our continent and the world.

Leaders of the Future

Young people, high school and university students, children... the leaders for the third millennium will also come to Panama to be set on fire by the Holy Spirit and to dedicate their lives to be witnesses for Christ in their schools and other centers of influence.

3000 young people will come to Latin America 2000 to receive vision and inspiration on how to use their talents, gifts and creativity for the cause of Jesus Christ and the evangelization of the world.

Together in Panama Renewing Our Vision to Respond to the Needs of a Lost World

We invite you to join more than 4000 Christians that will come to Panama on December 27-30 of this year for a Conference on Evangelization and Missions, LatinAmerica 2000.

What is God doing through His church around the world? How is God's Spirit moving in our continent? What do we need to do to finish the task? Can we do it by the year 2000? How will we do it? What is my part?

These and many other questions will be answered by renown evangelists, pastors, missiologists, researchers and leaders who are having successful ministries in many countries.

The tropical city of Panama, the hospitality of its church and the ATLAPA convention center will be the stage for challenging plenary sessions, workshops and probably the largest ministry exposition fair, EXPO 2000.

Dozens of ministries from the Body of Christ are getting ready to exhibit the latest resources and strategies for evangelism, discipleship, training of leaders, sending of missionaries, etc. All will be present in EXPO 2000.

This Summit of Present and Future Christian Leadership Meets to:

  1. Encourage the leadership of the Church to complete the tasks of evangelistic saturation, church planting and mobilization of missionaries to the least evangelized peoples. Never before we've had so many opportunites and resources to reach so many. We will learn where these opportunites are and how we can get involved in national and international projects.
  2. Encourage lay people and the youth to become salt and light of society, evangelizing through felt needs and helping the new believers grow in Christ. The testimonies and examples of successful men and women will increase the vision and provide the "how-tos" we need to do it.
  3. Meet and network with other leaders and ministries of the Body of Christ in the Continent in order to develop partnerships that will impact the villages, towns, cities, nations and continents with the gospel. The task is so big and complex that nobody can do it alone. We need to partner with the other members of the Body of Christ to finish this task God has called us to.

You Will Also Be Able To:

EXPO 2000

Dozens of church ministries, evangelists, pastoral training, publishers, missions agencies, evangelism and discipleship ministries, etc. will preset in audiovisual form, all the resources with which God has blessed the Church in our continent and the world. They include:

Conference Speakers and Directors

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