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Global Consultation on World Evangelization

June 30 - July 5, 1997
Pretoria, South Africa

GCOWE '97 University Students & Youth Leaders Consultation

This report came out of meetings held recently in South Africa and attended by the 35 GCOWE 97 consultation coordinators from 7 countries. The registration process remains open with registrations in from 75 countries and rising toward the goal of over 100 countries.

International Coordinator: Rev. Cassie Carstens, South Africa - Executive Head, Christian Students Association. Founder and Managing Director, Sports for Christ Action, South Africa. Founder and Executive Head, Joshua Student Movement. Founder, Service Year for Christ Movement.

Goal of the consultation: Leaders of ministries to young people and college students will discuss how to harness the energy of the youth in reaching those most in need of the gospel.

Description of the type of leaders invited: (1) They must have a proven record of vision, passion, and sustainability in their own youth ministry and are thus reckoned as one of the "shakers and movers" (a person of significant influence) in youth ministry. (2) They must have the following capabilities: to: envision, to empower, and to mobilize the youth towards missions.

List of some key delegates who have registered: Chris Okeke, Nigeria - General Secretary, Scripture Union Of Nigeria, Mike Adegbile, Nigeria - Director of Missions and evangelism, Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES). Thomas Resane, South Africa - Regional Director, Youth for Christ. Roberto Mairena, Uruguay - Director, Escuela de Preparacion. Affolabi Jeremie, Benin -President, Groupement Biblique Univerel au Benin.

Consultation coordinators report the following praise reports: A list of all significant youth ministries have been compiled and they have been invited. The Joshua Student Movement has been developed as a possible/probable model for student/youth mobilisation. Youth ministry networks have been established.

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