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Why South Africa Was Chosen As The Venue For GCOWE '97

The demise of apartheid has brought about an unprecedented opportunity for South Africa to become a blessing to the nations. For years South African had an introverted mentality. Although the church in this country had always been strong, South Africa never really focused her attention beyond her borders to see the need in the world. However, an extraordinary surge of missions awareness has swept the country during the past few years. Between 1993 and 1995, the number of Protestant missionaries exported from this country actually doubled as South Africans were able to travel to other nations of the world with internationally-acceptable passport of the new South Africa.

Many African countries have experienced a similar missions awakening. Africa stands poised to become a blessing to the nations of the world. Now is the time for Africa to arise and let her light shine as never before ! GCOWE '97 will be the first conference of its kind on African soil, bringing together 5300 people from over 100 nations of the world to focus on world evangelization. We believe that this will spark off an era of African missions all over the world.

Without the involvement of the African church, the 10/40 window will not be reached effectively. Africans, with their inherent understanding of the spirit world, their deep commitment to the Lord and their ability to survive on next to nothing, could pay an invaluable role in reaching the 1700 unreached people groups in the world.

"The Christian Handbook 1996" by Marjorie Froise

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