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What To Bring With You

The following items are important to remember as you prepare to come to GCOWE '97.


The following currencies are easily exchanged at South African Banks : U.S. dollars, Pound Sterling and German Marks.

We suggest that you bring U.S. dollars if you do not have access to either of the other currencies.

We will have a Foreign exchange desk at the Conference for your convenience.


N.B. Your passport MUST BE valid for at least 6 months from the date that you intend to enter South Africa. Failing to comply with this regulation will mean that you will not be allowed to enter South Africa.


The dress at the Conference will be semi-formal. Please note that the expected temperature in Pretoria during the Conference will be 0 C (32 F) at night and between 15 C and 20 C (59 F and 68 F) during the day. Therefore, make sure that you bring sufficient warm clothing to the Conference.

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