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Global Consultation on World Evangelization

June 30 - July 5, 1997
Pretoria, South Africa

GCOWE '97 South African Local Pastors Consultation

This report came out of meetings held recently in South Africa and attended by the 35 GCOWE 97 consultation coordinators from 7 countries. The registration process remains open with registrations in from 71 countries and rising toward the goal of over 100 countries.

International Coordinator: Danie Vermeulen, South Africa - Senior Pastor, Richards Bay Community Church. Board of Directors, World Mission Centre. South African Coordinator: Pastor Lazarus Selahle, Senior Pastor, True Gospel Church, Mamelodi East. Co-director, World Mission Centre.

Goal of the consultation: Pastors of South African churches will discuss how to coordinate a racially integrated approach to missions mobilization, and sending missionaries from South Africa to the needy parts of the world.

Description of the type of leaders invited: (1) South African pastors who are visionaries. (2) Pastors who believe in church planting. (3) People who are mission minded. (4) Key mission mobilizing church pastors. (5) Key pastors of churches who are models of local church involvement in world missions. (6) Some international pastors of missions minded, successful churches have been invited to attend.

List of some key delegates who have registered: Peter Mokgomami, RSA - Senior Pastor, Mahwelereng Christian Centre. Izak Burger, RSA - President, Apostolic Faith Mission. Angelo Scheepers, RSA - President, Baptist Union. Ed Roebert, RSA - Senior Pastor, Hatfield Christian Church. Hilton Toohey, RSA-Senior Pastor, New Zion Christian Fellowship. Consultation coordinators report the following praise reports: Rev. Victor Mokgothlhoa reports that before attending GCOWE 95 the church he pastors only focused on itself. Now, in preparation for GCOWE 97, he has shared what he learned at GCOWE 95 to his leadership. The focus changed outwardly and as a result his church has planted 3 new churches.

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