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Global Consultation on World Evangelization

June 30 - July 5, 1997
Pretoria, South Africa

GCOWE '97 African National AD2000 Iniatives Consultation

This report came out of meetings held recently in South Africa and attended by the 35 GCOWE 97 consultation coordinators from 7 countries. The registration process remains open with registrations in from 71 countries and rising toward the goal of over 100 countries.

International Coordinator: Mr. Ross Campbell, New Zealand Ministry and Position: AD2000 & Beyond Movement, Global Coordinator for National AD2000 Initiatives. Accolades: Founding director of Ghana Evangelism Committee which has served to catalyze and mobilise the churches, mission agencies and major ministries in Ghana to disciple the whole nation and beyond by 2000.

South African Coordinator: Dr. Johan Combrinck, president of Africa Network Evangelism Task (AFNET)

Desired Outcome of Consultation: A broad-based, integrated, national evangelisation initiative in every nation of Africa having as its goals: (1) a pioneer church planting initiative targeting its least evangelized peoples (Joshua Project peoples), (2) a significant contribution to world evangelization-essentially in the 10/40 Window, and (3) a saturation church planting strategy to provide a church to all, linguistically, culturally and geographically.

Example of Key Persons Attending: Tockonboh Adeyemo, general secretary of Association of Evangelicals in Africa, top man of all evangelical fellowships in Africa. Judy Mbugua, leader of PACWA, key women's leader in Africa. Bayo Faumunore, executive secretary of Evangelism and Mission Department of Assocation of Evangelicals in Africa.

World Evangelization Progress: Have already been able to identify many exciting models working at regional and/or national levels in several African countries. These models will be presented in detail at GCOWE 97. One such model developed by Jean Baptist Swadrago in Burkina Faso who is sending out 150 missionary couples a year from his denomination, many of which are going to the very unreached Sahel region. In preparation for GCOWE 97, Rev. Campbell has been surveying leaders all over Africa and updating the unreached peoples list.

Criterion for Selecting Delegates: (1) Leaders of major mainline, evangelical and pentecostal/charismatic denominations - the opinion leaders and policy makers without whose cooperation whole denominations cannot be mobilized. (2) Leaders of denominations and ministries linked to the AD2000 and Beyond Movement. (3) Leaders and specialists in "cutting edge" ministries, e.g. those involved in Bible translation as nationals, mobilising and training cross cultural missionaries, outreach to specific groups, etc.

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