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Gateway 1000

By means of the Gateway 1000 project, 1000 of the delegates attending the Conference will minister in various churches across South African on the Sundays before and after the Conference (29 June and 6 July).

The idea of the Gateway 1000 project was conceived with two main objectives in mind, i.e. :

  1. To give the South African churches exposure to world missions by introducing them to church leaders from all over the world. Through Gateway 1000, a global perspective will be imparted to the churches in a country that has only recently broken out of isolation. Leaders from other countries will also have the opportunity to network with the South African Church.
  2. To raise finances to help cover the in-country costs of international two third world participants. The churches in which the GCOWE delegates minister will be challenged not only to cover the travelling expenses of their speaker (from Pretoria to the church and back), but also to contribute towards the expenses of the two third world participants.

So far there has been an enthusiastic response from the South African churches. Some of them are even considering holding combined services for the speakers (inviting other churches from their town to join them).

We invite you to participate in this great project by being available to minister to a local church somewhere in South Africa. Come and invest in the newly-found missions awareness in South Africa ! You may impart a missions awareness to a local congregation. Your participation will also help to cover the costs of the two third word delegates.

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