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Communicating With The GCOWE '97 Offices

World Mission Centre has two offices set up to arrange the GCOWE 97 conference:

  1. The World Mission Centre Office in the USA.

    This office handles all the applicants registering from all over the world except South Africa. the registrar is Elaine Brown.

    Postal Address:

    Street Address:

    Tel: (803) 799-8877
    Fax: (803) 779-6747
    E-mail: wmcentreus@aol.com

  2. The World Mission Centre International headquarters in Pretoria, South Africa.

    The person in charge of the pre-conference arrangements is Eddie Robinson.

    Postal Address:

    Street Address:

    Tel: 27 12 343 1165
    Fax: 27 12 343 1167
    E-mail: wmcentre@cis.co.za

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