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Global Consultation on World Evangelization

June 30 - July 5, 1997
Pretoria, South Africa

GCOWE '97 Business Executives Consultation

This report came out of meetings held recently in South Africa and attended by the 35 GCOWE 97 consultation coordinators from 7 countries. The registration process remains open with registrations in from 71 countries and rising toward the goal of over 100 countries.

International Coordinator: Mr. J. Gunnar Olson, Sweden Ministry and Position: International Chamber of Commerce, Chairman and Founder. Accolades: Chairman and Founder of ICCC, International Christian Chamber of Commerce presently represented in over 70 nations world wide. Owner of Alfapac AB. A plastic packaging industry specialized in the production of bulk container liner systems and other industrial packaging applications.

South African Coordinator: Dr. Lawrence McCrystal, International Christian Chamber of Commerce, South African President.

Other Consultation Planners: Mr. Graham Binet, Australia. Mr. Jurg Opprecht, Switzerland. Mr. John Thompson, USA.

Desired Outcome of Consultation: To mobilize the business executives and professionals to respond to the challenge of our day and in the love of Christ find ways of serving the nations and unreached peoples of the 10/40 Window. To mobilise Christian businessmen to build bridges into the unreached areas over which missionaries and evangelists can go in. That businessmen detect their role in the Kingdom of God which is far beyond just giving money.

Example of Key Persons Attending: Matthew Kevekou, President of Benin. Godfrey Miyanda, Vice President of Zambia. Prime Minister of Swaziland. Head of Norwegian Parliament. The international leaders of most of the Christian Market Place ministries.

World Evangelization Progress: For the first time in history, almost all the Market Place Ministries in the world came together for a summit meeting in Atlanta, USA, in February 1997, representing more than 100,000 Business Executives. The leaders responded very positively to the challenge of GCOWE 97 Business Executives Consultation. Investigation and feasibility study in progress to establish a development agency financed by Christians which will target development opportunities in the unreached countries and areas. This is being done by a team in South Africa. We plan to publish a book for the event of the consultation with the title, "Business Power for God's Purpose," by Marco Gmiur and Heinz Suter.

Criterion for Selecting Delegates: (1) Business Executives: Christian Business persons who are established in a business executive position or who are business owners with a vision and/or demonstrated calling for using their business platform to advance the kingdom of God in their business and beyond into the unevangelized areas of the world (i.e. the10/40 Window). (2) Professionals: Christian professionals in positions of influence (predominantly in the areas of finance and politics) with a recognized calling to network with their colleagues by using their professions to serve the purpose of advancing the kingdom of God in the unevangelized areas of the world.

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