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Arriving In South Africa

Arriving By Air

After disembarkation, you will be directed by signs in the Airport to the Immigration hall. Here you will be met by some members of the GCOWE '97 Staff who will assist you in going through the necessary immigration procedures.

After passing through immigration and collecting your baggage, you should select either the RED OR THE GREEN CHANNEL to pass through Customs control.

You may select the GREEN CHANNEL provided that :

  1. you are in possession of goods that fall within your duty-free allowance (see Appendix 1) ;
  2. you are not in possession of goods for commercial purposes or prohibited or restricted goods (see Appendix 1).

If you have goods to declare, select the RED CHANNEL. Should you be in any doubt, select the red channel. You will have to pay duty on items which are over the allowed limits. Duty is payable in South African currency or by means of bank guaranteed cheques.

Once you have gone through customs control you will proceed to the Arrivals Hall. Please follow the GCOWE signs in the Arrivals Hall to the GCOWE '97 Express Registration desk. Here you will be received by GCOWE personnel who will take you through the initial registration process. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE YOUR REGISTRATION CARD READY WHEN YOU ARRIVE AT THIS DESK.

Please ensure that all your registration documents, payments, etc. are in order before you arrive in South Africa. People who do not have these in order will first have to go to the central GCOWE '97 registration office to finalize matters.

Your registration process is deemed complete if you have :

  1. Filled in an application form
  2. Paid all the necessary fees
  3. You are in possession of a name tag
  4. Faxed your verification form to the GCOWE office in South Africa

Once you have registered, a bus will take you to your host church and accommodation. The drive from Jan Smuts Airport to your host church in Pretoria will take approximately 45 minutes. After this you will be taken to your place of lodging.

Important! If you should arrive early - during the week before the conferences and / or depart later on after the conference, you will be accommodated in a campsite in Pretoria. Please note that the GCOWE '97 organizers will only be responsible for your in-country arrangements for the duration of the conference (and if flight schedules necessitate a longer stay). If you wish to spend extra time in South Africa, please make the arrangements yourself.

On the afternoon of Monday, 30th June, you will be transported to the plenary venue in time for the opening ceremony.

The details of these arrangements will be communicated to you by your host or the accommodation desk at the GCOWE office. Any further information will be provided in the conference file which you will receive upon completion of your registration process.

Arriving By Bus or Train

For those arriving by bus or train, the following will apply :

You should notify the South African GCOWE office concerning your final travel arrangements will in advance. (Fill in the travel details form and fax it to the South African office).

You MUST travel to Pretoria.

A GCOWE representative will be stationed at the bus/train Station to meet you. Look out for the GCOWE sign when you arrive. As a shuttle service will be operating to and from the bus/train station, you will be taken by bus to the main conference venue.

If for some reason your bus/train is delayed, please phone the GCOWE office at (012) 343 1165 in Pretoria. This office will be open 24 hours a day.

Once you have arrived at the main conference venue, your registration will take place. After this you will be taken to your place of lodging.

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