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GCOWE'97 Air Fares

It has come to our attention at the AD2000 International Office that many people who would like to attend the Global Consultation on World Evangelization in Pretoria South Africa at the end of June have been unable to locate reasonable airfares for the journey.

We have located two travel agents, able to offer fares substantially lower than the $2000 or more people have been quoted. They have contracts with South African Air and offer rates from the as well as other international routes. Both agents have secured roundtrip fares from major cities in the United States for under $1400!

USA fares range from $1339 to $1350 (varies by city):

From: any major city in the U.S. on American Airlines (including open-jaw return to another city)
Via: choice of Miami or New York, connecting with South African Airlines
Arriving: Johannesburg (GCOWE host committee will shuttle to Pretoria)

Fares are in US$ and do not include any airport taxes. No changes are permitted once ticketed and cancellation penalty can be substantial.

In the United States, we recommend Celia Klare at Empress Travel in Syracuse, NY. She is available by phone at 1-800-847-4640 x3737. She has a special GCOWE contract, so be sure to mention "GCOWE 97." Celia has worked with the AD2000 International office for years and is extremely dedicated to provide excellent customer service. If you have a difficult itinerary or special needs, you can count especially on Celia to work it out.

In the U.S. and Canada, Marianne Schaubeck may be reached at 1-800-665-2297. However, she prefers E-mail as the responsive way to handle your request. E-mail: schaubeck@baxter.net or WWW: http://www.baxter.net/cwt_yyj/ (also connects to SAA homepage for schedule and routes)

South African Air is associated with American Airlines frequent flier program. The flight from Miami to Johannesburg alone is over 8,000 miles each way.

*These fares are being passed along as a service to fellow GCOWE travelers. AD2000 does not bear any responsibility for the accuracy of information shared.

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