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"An African Experience In World Evangelization"

The Conference will culminate in a massive missions rally on the Union Building grounds on Saturday, 5 July. (The Union Buildings are the official offices of President Nelson Mandela). Tens of thousands of people form the city and surrounding areas will join with the GCOWE delegates on this occasion. The outcome of the GCOWE '97 Conference and the vision and dreams of the GCOWE delegates will be shared with the assembled gathering. The declaration of the Conference will also be read aloud.

A tent village will be erected on the periphery of the grounds - in the setting of a fair or festival. The central theme of the day will be ministry to the poor and needy as this ministry is key in reaching the unreached with the gospel. Various Christian organizations which are making an invaluable contribution to the new South Africa have been invited by the Consultation for "Meeting the Needs of the Poor and Needy" to exhibit their work. They will demonstrate in their exhibitors' stalls what they are doing to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor in South Africa. Many of them are producing prototypes or models of ministry which are worth emulating.

The meeting will last for four hours and will include interval breaks so that people can visit the exhibitors' stalls.

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