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Global Consultation on World Evangelization

June 30 - July 5, 1997
Pretoria, South Africa

GCOWE '97 Academic Deans Consultation

This report came out of meetings held recently in South Africa and attended by the 35 GCOWE 97 consultation coordinators from 7 countries. The registration process remains open with registrations in from 71 countries and rising toward the goal of over 100 countries.

International Co-Coordinator: Dr. Sang-Bok David Kim, Korea Ministry and Position: Torch Trinity Graduate School of Theology, President Accolades: Co-chairman of Korean World Missions Association. Co-chairman of Korean AD2000 and Beyond Movement. Chairman of the North-South Korean Church Cooperative Council.

International Co-Coordinator: Dr. Philip M. Steyne, USA Ministry and Position: Columbia International University, Professor of Mission Accolades: President and cofounder of Impact International Foundation. Authored "Gods of Power" and "In Step with the God of the Nations" - both translated into German, will be in French.

South African Coordinator: Pastor George Mahlobo, Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa, General Secretary.

Other Consultation Planner: Mr. Jamie Kim, Korea.

Desired Outcome of Consultation: Encourage training institutions to produce church leadership committed to the goals of the AD2000 & Beyond Movement. To see the seminaries and the Bible colleges readjust their goals to train the students for world evangelization. To rethink, restructure theological programmes in such a way that it will empower those who are trained for global evangelism. Networking theological schools for the task of preparing leaders for world evangelization.

Examples of Key Persons Attending: P., Union Biblical Seminary, Pune, India, one of the foremost training institutions in India. Dr. Lok Mani Bhandari, Kathmandu Theological Seminary, training Christian leaders where just a few decades ago there were hardly any Christians. Dr. Robert Coleman, to challenge presidents and academic deans. Professor Jan Hathing, Rector of Apostolic Faith Mission Theological College, one of the opinion makers in the AFM of South Africa and is currently involved in the restructuring of the AFM Theological College's programme. Dr. Dudley Woodbury, Dean Fuller School of World Mission.

World Evangelization Progress: This congress is the first of its kind to bring presidents and academic deans together to refocus efforts of the theological institutions. The opportunities afforded to address academicians concerning AD2000 goals, with encouraging responses. Raising up churches to pray and in the process to sense God's will in the lives within respective congregations. The networking with participants would widen the resultant creation of involvement in world evangelization. Exposure of South Africans to international guests that are involved in world evangelization.

Criterion for Selecting Delegates: (1) Top echelon academic administrators who direct and can redirect training programs. (2) Interested in considering involvement in world evangelization.

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