Gateway People Cluster Consultation

When: April 17-19, 1997
Where: Pasadena, California, USA
Who: Ministry leaders, strategists, unreached people advocates
Agenda: consultation focusing on developing key contacts for clusters of unreached people groups. Approximately 140 clusters have been identified, into which the majority of the 1739 peoples on the Joshua Project 2000 list fit. Key contacts for these clusters could facilitate communication and help churches, agencies and individuals work together more effectively to reach these peoples. The overall goal of this consultation is to bring greater definition and focus to the concept of Gateway People Clusters and identify the key contacts who might help others take advantage of opportunities and avoid ministry pitfalls as they work in the 10/40 Window. Organizers are praying that by the close of the meeting, individuals and teams will be identified as key contacts for dozens of the Gateway People Clusters
AD2000 press release - December 3, 1996
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