Welcome from the Peoples of the Land!

Welcome to Jerusalem, the city of the Great King!

We, all the peoples of the body of Messiah welcome you to Celebrate Messiah 2000, a time of focused celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ. As we join together, let us prepare the way of the LORD and open wide the gates that the King of Glory my come in.

He has redeemed us by His blood and brought us from many nations, tribes and tongues to come before His face and worship the Worthy Lamb who sits upon the throne. Here, at the beginning, we joyfully give Him the central and preeminent place in our midst. May He be pleased to receive the sweet aroma of the outpouring of our hearts in love, thanks and adoration in one united expression of worship and praise.

Again we say, Blessed are you who come in the Name of the LORD!

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