Plenary Topics and Themes

Celebrating God at Work in the Biblical Heart of the 10/40 Window

28 December 2000
Topic Content: Celebrating God at work in the biblical heart of the 10/40 Window - An opening welcome, music and worship/celebration provided through the Host Committee - comprised of Messianic Jews and Arab Christians from the local region.

Honoring Those Who Have Gone Before-God's initiative through movements across history

28 December 2000
Topic Content: Learning from those who have gone before. A panorama of Christian movements: from the early church to the present day. Giving recognition, honor, praise and thanks to those of the Body of Christ spanning 2000 years, the first half of plenary to 1900 and the second half covering the last 100 years / 20th century.

Encouraging Women's Mobilization in World Evangelism

28 December 2000
Topic Content: Hear from key women leaders the stories, trends, concerns and power of women to become an ever-increasing part and force towards the completion of world evangelism.

Emerging Leaders: A Time for Blessing

Thursday Evening, 28 December 2000
Topic Content: A time of spotlighting new emerging leaders, listening to their dreams and visions for the future - representing the leadership corps of tomorrow.

Serving the Poor & Needy

29 December 2000
Topic Content: Hear stories, reports and current movements responding to the poor and needy people of the world including children at risk and the transforming power of the Gospel when carried lovingly to them.

Affirming the Role of the Majority Church in World Missions

29 December 2000
Topic Content: Affirming the role of the majority church in world missions. The dramatic growth in the Two-Thirds World is fast becoming the major portion resource in world mission enterprise. Recognition and affirmation of the role of the Two-Thirds World Church is to be spotlighted with praise and thanksgiving and vision for the 21st century.

Acknowledging Church Movements Toward the Unfinished Task

31 December 2000
Topic Content: Acknowledging Church movements toward the Unfinished Task. Completion of the unfinished task is the responsibility of the Church of Jesus Christ! Many new and powerful church movements now exist around the world, which will be spotlighted as God is raising up new models, resources and ways for His ultimate purpose.

Promoting Global Partnership & World Evangelization

31 December 2000
Topic Content: Promoting global partnership and world evangelization. A time for recognizing some of the dramatic blessings God has yielded through global and regional partnerships, existing models and trends, plus praise and encouragement for the future.

World Evangelization: Where We Are & Where Do We Go From Here

2 January 2001
Topic Content: Assessing the status of World Evangelization - An overview picture of where we are and where we are going. Providing status information, major movements and trends, etc, with praise for what God has done over 2000 years of world evangelism and anticipation of where we are going from here.

Community Transformation

2 January 2000
Topic Content: Transforming the city is a call for the new millennium in which, for the first time, one half of the population of the world will live in the city. From Cali, Columbia, called the drug capital of the world, comes the story and with it the principles for transforming any city.

Mini-Consultations - 31 December, 2000

Millennial Manifesto Mini-Consultation

A working consultation providing CM2000 participants an opportunity to dialogue with the Manifesto development facilitators, and provide input for a final directive document.

Middle East Mini-Consultation

Provides an opportunity to gain insight and understanding from both Messianic and Palestinian Christian perspectives into the situation in the Middle East. Discussions will focus on what God is doing in the land, with emphasis on reconciliation and the "One-New Man" theme.

Emerging Leaders Mini-Consultation

The Emerging Leaders Mini-Consultation will provide a time for networking and building a new movement of partnerships among emerging leaders with the blessing and "fathering" of the older. Facilitators will dive deeper into the emerging leader section included in the Millennial Manifesto.

Mini-Consultation on Women in World Evangelization

Will be an open discussion on the ever-increasing role that women are playing in world evangelization. Facilitators will discuss the challenges and opportunities facing women in their endeavor to be effective witnesses for our Lord. Among issues to be discussed are raising generations of Godly servants for world evangelization, and how to meet the changing needs of our world. They will discuss partnership at higher levels with both male and emerging leadership.

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