CM2000 31 December, 2000
Plenary: All Night Prayer for the New Millennium

Messiah Supreme: Among Us, For Nations
"A Night of Prayer for the Ages"

David Bryant

JERUSALEM. New Year's Eve 2000. 1500 leaders from over 100 countries. Eight hours of concerted prayer throughout the night. The purpose? To pray the supremacy of Messiah into the nations. The occasion? CELEBRATE MESSIAH 2000. The vision? To reproduce this prayer meeting all over the world. The result? Should God answer us, nothing short of true biblical revival!

From December 27 to January 3, 2001, the AD2000 AND BEYOND MOVEMENT hosts its grand finale. After a full decade of extraordinary mobilization worldwide toward reaching unreached peoples, this international mission coalition ceases to exist (as originally planned), to be replaced by scores of international networks and projects to keep the heartbeat of the AD2000 MOVEMENT alive for years to come. What a story this is!

CLEARLY, IT'S AN ANSWER TO THE RECENT GROUNDSWELL OF PRAYER FROM MANY NATIONS. In fact, prayer itself has dominated the AD2000 MOVEMENT from its inception, maybe more than any similar coalition in church history.

That's why Luis Bush (AD2000 international director) and his team felt compelled to set aside an entire night for prayer at the Jerusalem congress, designating it a full plenary session to be attended by ALL delegates, not just prayer leaders. We have called it, "MESSIAH SUPREME: AMONG US, FOR NATIONS" (Colossians 1:24-29 is a foundational text for the words of our theme.)

THINK OF IT -- in the very place where Messiah gave the Great Commission -- in the very place where a ten-day corporate prayer meeting became the divine fountainhead for major Kingdom advances -- in the very place where a "great awakening" unfolded that transformed a first-century empire -- in the very place where New Testament-style revival marked its claim -- THERE, possibly the largest ever global prayer meeting uniting thousands of Christian leaders who will seek God for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit on this generation. As we do, we will welcome the dawn of the true third Millennium (January 1, 2001), anticipating a harvest of extraordinary proportions in the coming decade.

Praying the supremacy of Messiah from Jerusalem into the Church and the nations - THAT'S OUR PURPOSE.

Defining our prayer agenda around eight major themes of Messiah - THAT'S OUR STRATEGY.

Reproducing that prayer meeting within many other places - THAT'S OUR VISION.

But how will this work itself out practically? More importantly, what can this mean for you?

FIRST STEP: WE WILL OPEN AND CLOSE WITH HOPE-FILLED WORSHIP -- worship that not only focuses on what God has already done in world evangelization but also on what we sense He is preparing to do to establish more fully Messiah's supremacy throughout the earth. Such worship can arise from songs, reports and testimonies as well as a litany of verbal praises. The final season of worship will also glorify God by expressing to Him our confidence that He will answer us. Shouldn't EVERY prayer meeting encourage such worship?

SECOND: FOUR MAJOR INGREDIENTS WILL OCCUPY US as we work through each of the eight major themes. Three biblical expressions of prayer capture elements critical to ANY successful prayer meeting:

  1. CELEBRATION (as we praise God for promises related to the specific prayer theme of the eight, for that particular segment);
  2. PREPARATION (as a brief meditation is given to sharpen our biblical understanding of what praying for that specific theme entails);
  3. INTERCESSION (as we pray facets of the selected theme into the Church, locally or worldwide, and then into the nations, including our own);
  4. CONSECRATION (as we dedicate ourselves more fully to Messiah, to live more consistently with what we have prayed as well as be part of the answers to our prayers no matter what it may cost us).

In Jerusalem, these four elements will be repeated, in that order but with creative variety, hour by hour. (You should try it sometime!)

THIRD: FIVE THEMES WILL HELP US PRAY MESSIAH'S SUPREMACY INTO THE NATIONS. These come from the five major events in His life and ministry, from incarnation to second coming. Fundamentally, our prayers will seek the Father TO REPLICATE each theme, by the Spirit's power, throughout the current worldwide advance of the Gospel, both among Christians and for the unreached. In summary, here's what 1500 leaders will address on the Night of Prayer:

Central to everything that happens will be the over-arching focus: the SUPREMACY of Messiah in God's Plan for the Ages. This Night of Prayer is about a FRESH ENCOUNTER by the Holy Spirit with the very Savior whose presence and power we sought on behalf of so many others. Is that too much to expect? Not at all! Let me tell you why.

In the Fourth Century, St. Athanasius wrote in his treatise entitled, "On the Incarnation", words that speak directly to our expectations about the CM2000 Night of Prayer: "You know how it is when some great king enters a large city and dwells in one of its houses. Because of his dwelling in that single house, the whole city is honoured, and enemies and robbers cease to molest it. Even so it is with the King of all. He has come into our country and dwelt in one body amidst the many, and in consequence the designs of the enemy against mankind have been foiled. The Son of God has come among us to put an end to death."

Think of it: "The Son of God has come among us." When He dwells in His people -- and whenever He dwells among the nations -- as the King He is -- everything is radically altered, including us.

That's what will be the overflow of our Night of Prayer on December 31st. That's why we have sub-titled it, "AMONG us and FOR nations". During those eight hours of corporate intercession and worship, many of us believe CM2000 will raise up to heaven a prayer meeting for the Ages -- a prayer meeting that will directly impact RIGHT NOW the life of the Church and the advance of the Gospel. Yes, right now, as Jesus enters into all that we pray for.

HAVE YOU HEARD THE SUMMONS? Psalm 50:5 says, "Gather to me my consecrated ones, who made a covenant with me by sacrifice."

On December 31st, the entire assembly at Celebrate Messiah 2000, along with Christians around the world, is summoned to welcome in the Third Millennium the way the First Millennium began! For eight hours we will form our own Acts 1 "upper room", praying with the same magnificent vision of Messiah and for the nations that the early disciples shared -- and doing it right where they gathered, in Jerusalem! As we do so, in a sense, the mission of Christ launched in Acts 1 will come full circle.

Surely it is no coincidence that on the evening of 2001, united in the city that currently holds the most intensive focus throughout the whole world, we will be bound together in prayer for a movement toward world evangelization that has experienced more advances in the past decade than ever before.


As it says in the fuller rendition of Psalm 50: "the Mighty One, God, the Lord, speaks and summons the earth from the rising of the sun to the place where it sets. From Zion, perfect in beauty, God shines forth. Our God comes and will not be silent -- 'Gather to me my consecrated ones, who made a covenant with me by sacrifice --' The world is mine, and all that is in it -- Call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me."

Notice the summons comes from JERUSALEM. It is grounded in a BLOOD COVENANT. God has in view the establishing of HIS SUPREMACY AMONG THE NATIONS as He answers those who CALL upon Him. All of this is fulfilled in MESSIAH. That's why His supremacy is what our Night of Prayer is all about at CM2000. Could any of the hours we spend together at CM2000 be more strategic than this for His sake?

Yes, YOU are summoned! -- to the right place, at the right time, for the right reason, to do the right work -- the work of concerted prayer! As we "fast" a night of sleep together, we will, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, establish by our prayers a new beachhead for the advance of Christ's Kingdom, from Jerusalem (where we pray) to the ends of the earth (where we will return).

Listen! The summons has been issued! It comes from the living God at the cost of His own son: Messiah -- Supreme -- among us (in revival) -- for nations (in world evangelization).

R.S.V.P. with our whole heart and soul. Do it the way Jesus did when He prayed in Jerusalem 2000 years ago: "Father, the time has come. Glorify the Son, that the Son may glorify You." (John 17:1)

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