CM2000 2 January, 2001
Plenary: Recommitting to Jesus Christ, His Commandment & His Commission

Recommitment to Jesus Christ

Labib Mandanat

Once upon a time I gave my life to Jesus.

Actually I was given to Him maybe several times before.When in the womb by my parents...when I was born by a prayer from my father, maybe by baptism or by dedication or confirmation .I was given to Him, until.once upon a time I gave my life to Jesus. Once, at a specific moment of time,in the past. But because of the nature of the gift it is a living offering.(life) , and because of the nature of the recipient what happened some years ago is as still fresh and valid as if it happened now, it is always a now for Him.

Once upon a time I got long as both are alive we are married .it is not a contract, it is a new (being). So what has changed, do we need a new another (being). it cannot be , a new new contracts. We need a renewal not a recreation.

So why it does not feel fresh? May be you never committed yourself to His commission it was only to Him as your savior not also the savior of the world.

We have added to His commission to His yoke extra luggage.
We have added to his person other relations.

So .DROP (1,2,3,4..) and ..WASH (comprehensive) or may be wash and drop, there is power in the washing that releases what is sticky on me.

  1. Your "once upon a time" is still as valid and as fresh for Jesus
  2. His commission to you is still as clear and as simple..GO..LOVE .RECEIVE (Receive the Holy Spirit, Love each other and those who are mine, Go to all)
  3. His commitment to you has not changed: I love you, I gave myself for you, I am with you

So Wash and Drop.and GO WITH HIM.

A central verse will be John 21:15

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