CM2000 1 January, 2001
Plenary: World Evangelization: Where We Are & Where Do We Go From Here

Saturation Evangelism and Small Group
Leadership Development Resource Network

Dr. Victor Koh and Paul Eshleman


Our track was built around the objectives of attempting to ensure that the Gospel is being presented to every person in the world and that leaders are being developed to disciple the new converts who respond to the message. We set an initial objective that we wanted all people in the world to have an opportunity to hear the Gospel in their mother tongue, or in an understandable language, and as they respond to the message, become part of a local church in which they could grow toward maturity.

Following the AD2000 conference Seoul, Korea in 1995, we added some specific additional measurable objectives.




In order to ensure that the future will see every person having access to the Gospel, several things should be included on the agenda of the church.

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