CM2000 28 December, 2000
Plenary Title: Recognizing Emerging Leaders

Our Vision Lifted:
Beyond 2000 to the Glory of Christ

(Yuki)Hiroyuki Ishikawa

Respond to a Call of His Vision

I have a vision. A vision for the nations to be won and transformed for Christ. A vision that fulfils God's heart for the world. A vision to complete the Great Commission in our generation.

There is a call going forth from heaven for every man and woman of God to respond. To respond to the cause and the purpose God set for us even before time began, for every person and people to know Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and the Lord. The Bible declares that Christ was slain before the foundation of the world (Rev 13:8). God set the vision for each one of us to come together to fill pieces of a puzzle to complete His vision.

I honour those men and women who have gone before us and who have sacrificed their lives for the cause. Those of us who were born for the purpose and who are the fruits of seeds they sowed will continue to carry the vision forward with burning passion to bring it to completion. What God purposed shall be accomplished with or without us. We shall choose to be a part of His vision and the vision to bring every tribe, tongue and people and nation to God. (Rev. 5:9)

As we continue to move forward, focusing on the vision in the next millennium, I believe that we must base our initiatives on a strong foundation of personal relationships, relationships of trust and love. We all need divine revelation from God for the need for one another and to build our relationships. Then no enemy can hinder us building our national, continental and global partnerships to complete the vision of God. Let us not focus on just winning numbers, but winning the hearts of people by love through prayer and action. Jesus proved His heart in many ways. He knelt down in humility and washed His disciples' dirty feet. Are we willing to wash each other's feet? Are we willing to serve one another? Are we willing to love at whatever cost?

Mozambique, where I was born again and serve the Lord, has seen much church growth in the last decade despite (and perhaps because of) having gone through devastating wars, communism, persecutions and natural disasters. Through the suffering came much hunger and thirst for God. God is moving mightily in this country. Through "Mozambique for Christ" National Initiative, the Body of Christ is being mobilized to move together under a common national vision to complete the Great Commission. Various national consultations with church and mission leaders have been held to facilitate a complete transformation of the country. Prayer for the country, the continent and the world is being organized through the United National Prayer Network, that brings together a large number of intercessors from various denominations. Strategic prayer initiatives are organised to destroy strongholds of the enemy, saturate the country by prayer, and build and advance the Kingdom of God. We focus on a process instead of events to move towards the end. We will continue to facilitate and challenge the Body of Christ to rise up and take boldly a challenge of completing the Task of evangelisation in Mozambique, and at the same time to take a rightful place to reach the rest of the continent of Africa and the world.

As we face the dawn of the new millennium, I am determined more than ever before to move forward with the vision and determination to complete the Task. There will be danger on the front line. Some will fall to sickness and some lives will be lost. But we shall be obedient to the command to go and lay our lives down for the cause just as Jesus was obedient to the Father. Phil. 2:8 He humbled Himself and became obedient to the point of death, even the death of the cross. 9: Therefore God also has highly exalted Him and given Him the name which is above every name 10: that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, 11: and that every tongue and should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

I call this new generation of leaders to rise up, take the challenge and run! For this cause we were born and for this cause we must and shall lay our lives down. (John 18:37) Let us commit ourselves to the vision. Let our hearts be consumed with passion for the lost. Let us know God intimately and make Him known so that the Great Commission shall be completed in our generation!

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