Celebrate Messiah 2000
General Conference Information

General Conference Information

Conference LocationInternational Convention Center (ICC) also known as the Binyaney Ha'ooma, 1 Shazar Boulevard, Jerusalem.
Information Desklocated in the main lobby of the International Convention Center for assistance with conference and general questions.
Name Badgesare required for admission to all meetings and events, and must be worn at all times. If a badge is lost, please notify the Information Desk immediately.
Shuttle Busses from Hotels to Convention Centerleave from each prospective hotel at 07:30 each morning, bring participants to and from their hotels for dinner, and return from the ICC each evening at 22:00. If an individual does not plan to ride the bus for any reason, they should notify the bus captain.
MealsLand Service fees provide Breakfast and Dinner meals, which are served at your hotel. All other meals are the responsibility of the individual participant. Lunch meal tickets are available for purchase at the ICC. Other restaurants are available around the ICC premises.
InterpretationSimultaneous interpretation will be available in Spanish, French, and Chinese. Headphones may be collected and returned from the translation booth in the foyer next to the auditorium. Delegates will be asked to leave their name badge or another form of identification until the earphones are turned in at the close of the session.
AnnouncementsItems pertaining to the majority of conference delegates may be considered for general announcements. Forms for submitting announcements are available at the Information Desk.
Communications ServicesPublic telephones are located on each level of the ICC. Phone cards may be purchased at hotels, post offices, and gift shops. Fax, email, and copy services should be arranged through the individual hotel.
Book TableLocated in the main lobby of the International Convention Center (ICC).
Prayer RoomAn optional daily prayer time is available from 12:00-14:00 in Room 302-303.
Photo/Video PolicyIn an effort to create an environment most conducive for the worship and praise of our Lord, the leadership of Celebrate Messiah 2000 would ask that you refrain from taking photos or video taping during the official sessions and meetings of Celebrate Messiah 2000. Media personnel will have limited privilege in this regard.
Conference Audio and Video TapingOrders for conference audio and videotapes may be placed at the Book Table.
Celebrate Messiah 2000 CD-ROMRegistration packets include a CD with the AD2000 & Beyond Movement web site; Joshua Project 2000 peoples list; Harvest Field data from the (new) Harvest Information System (HIS) database with AD2000 'work-among' data; AD2000 track and regional reports; PowerPoint presentations; and more.
CM2000 HandbookAfter the conference, the text of plenary messages will be available for download from the AD2000 website at: www.ad2000.org/celebrate. The document will be titled: CM2000 Handbook.<>
Message BoardA message board will be located in the main corridor next to Ussishkin Hall. Personal and incoming messages will be posted on this board.
Lost and FoundIf an item is lost, please notify a security guard in the ICC. The guard will contact the 24-hour security office where the lost and found items are kept.
LiabilityAD2000 and any other of the conference organizers cannot assume responsibility for any damage such as: loss, theft, accidents, etc, incurred by participants during the conference.
Additional InformationPlease refer to handouts in your registration packet for additional notices.

Jerusalem - General Information

Communications ServicesPhone cards may be purchased at the hotels, post offices, and gift shops. Fax, email, and copy services should be arranged through hotels.
Currency ExchangeIsrael's national currency is the new Israeli Shekel (NIS) or just the shekel. Currency can be exchanged in banks, exchange offices and in many hotel lobbies. Official exchange offices such as Change Point and Change Spot charge no commission and are open longer hours, often 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM, at offices located mainly on Jaffa Road and Ben Yehuda Street near the banking district. Credit cards are widely accepted and US currency is welcome. Traveler's Cheques are not widely accepted.
ElectricityThe electrical current in Israel is 220 Volts. Plugs are round-pronged and 3-pinned. Electric adapters and converters may be required.
Jewish Holiday and SabbathHanukkah (The Jewish Festival of Lights) begins at sundown on Friday, December 22, 2000 and ends at sundown on Friday, December 29, 2000. Many, if not most, Jewish-owned shops, restaurants and museums will likely be closed during these eight days of celebration. The Sabbath is observed from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown. Most business operations are also closed on this day.
Medical NeedsIn case of medical or other emergencies, participants are to report to the information desk. Emergency telephone numbers are as follows:
Travel and Safety ConcernsIt is recommended that participants exercise caution and prudence when traveling in and around the Jerusalem area. It is advisable to always carry photo identification, preferably your passport. It is not advisable for participants to travel into the Old City at this time. Any traveling should be done in groups and taken at the discretion and evaluation of personal risk of each individual. Among the 'sensitive' areas are East Jerusalem and West Bank towns such as Hebron, Ramallah, and Nablus. Should you encounter a disturbance in the streets, move away from the scene quickly, and make it completely clear you are a foreign tourist.
Attire for Visits to Holy SitesWhen visiting any holy site, that is, churches, mosques or the ultra-Orthodox section of Jerusalem, conservative dress is advised. For women, it is recommended that skirts be below the knee, and a headscarf available for use as needed. Men should not wear shorts to holy sites.
Water/Food PrecautionsIn some areas of the Holy Land, water is heavily chlorinated therefore it is advised that visitors drink mineral or bottled water. Avoid raw vegetables or food that has been left standing for some time since being cooked. Peel raw fruits before eating. This advice applies mainly to food purchased on the street, rather than in hotels or restaurants.

Hotels Housing CM2000 Participants

Ramat Rachel Hotel
DN Tzfon Yehuda
Jerusalem, Israel, 90900
Tel: 972-2-670-2555
Fax: 972-2-673-3155
Web: www.rrj.co.il
Jerusalem Park Plaza Hotel
2 Vilnay St.
Jerusalem, Israel, 95435
Tel: 972-2-658-2222
Fax: 972-2-658-2211
Web: www.inisrael.com/pplazajerusalem
Neve Ilan Resort Hotel
D.N. Harei Yehudah
Jerusalem Hills, Israel, 90850
Tel: 972-2-533-9339
Fax: 972-2-533-9335
Web: www.neve-ilan.co.il
Shalom Jerusalem Hotel
24 Shachrai Street
Bait Vegan, Jerusalem, 91160, Israel
Tel: 972-2-675-2222
Fax: 972-2-641-2536
Web: www.jerusalem-hotels.org.il/shalomjerusalem
Renaissance Jerusalem Hotel
Ruppin Bridge at Herzl Blvd.
Jerusalem, 91033, Israel
Tel: 972-2-652-8111
Fax: 972-2-651-1824
Web: www.renaissancehotel.com/JRSRN/fastfact/default.asp
Yad Hasnmona Guest House
P.M. Ha'rei Yehuda, 90895, Israel
Tel: 972-2-534-3956
Fax: 972-2-534-3959
Web: www.yad-hashmona-hotel.co.il

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