CM2000 31 December, 2000
Plenary: All Night Prayer for the New Millennium

A Night of Prayer for the Ages: Prepare!

Dear CM2000 Registrant:

The days grow closer to our time together in Jerusalem and Bethlehem! Let us all seek to prepare our hearts and spirits for these special days.

As part of that preparation, please see the following #2 article on pre-conference preparation by David Bryant, who will oversee / lad us through the 31 December all-evening prayer time. This second article moves in harmony with and beyond the first one coming out soon in PRAY magazine, which you should have received a month ago. Please contact Lauri Dennis at if you did not receive that article and she will send it to you. It is important to have read that article along with this one so that the spiritual fullness and flow of our "preparation prayers" might be enhanced to the full! May it be so!

In His limitless love,

Luis Bush
International Coordinator

Article #2 for Celebrate Messiah 2000 Pre-Conference Preparation

A Night of Prayer for the Ages: Prepare!

David Bryant

On December 31st the entire delegation for CELEBRATE MESSIAH 2000 will be gathered into an all-night prayer meeting, to welcome in the new Millennium, and more importantly to (as we are saying) "pray Messiah into the Church and throughout the nations."

Entitled "MESSIAH SUPREME: AMONG US, FOR NATIONS", these unprecedented eight hours together will (as you discovered in my article a month ago) build on the eight major themes of Messiah's life and ministry, using each theme as a focus of prayer for revival in the Body of Christ and for the completion of the Great Commission among all peoples.

Central to everything that happens will be the overarching focus: the SUPREMACY of Messiah in God's plan for the Ages. I believe we will all leave this night of prayer with a FRESH ENCOUNTER, by the Holy Spirit, with the very Savior whose presence and power we sought on behalf of so many others. Is that too much to expect? Not at all. Let me tell you why.

In the fourth century, St. Athanasius wrote in his treatise entitled, "On the Incarnation", words that speak directly to our expectations about the CM2000 night of prayer:

"You know how it is when some great king enters a large city and dwells in one of its houses. Because of his dwelling in that single house, the whole city is honoured, and enemies and robbers cease to molest it. Even so it is with the King of all. He has come into our country and dwelt in one body amidst the many, and in consequence the designs of the enemy against mankind have been foiled. The Son of God has come among us to put an end to death."

Think of it: "The Son of God has come among us." When He dwells in His people. . . and whenever He dwells among the nations. . . as the King He is. . . everything is radically altered, including us.

That's what we believe will be the overflow of our night of prayer on December 31st. That's why we've sub-titled it: AMONG us and FOR nations. During those eight hours of corporate intercession and worship, many of us believe CM 2000 will raise up to Heaven a prayer meeting for the Ages. . . a prayer meeting that will directly impact RIGHT NOW the life of the Church and the advance of the Gospel. Yes, right now, as Jesus enters into all that we pray for.

Furthermore, we believe that as 2500 of us, from over 100 nations, form a living temple of serious intercession, our "Messiah Supreme" will also take up His special dwelling right there, with us, in Jerusalem, that very night. And when He does as we pray, it will be just what St. Athanasius claimed: because of His dwelling in ONE place (with CM 2000 as we pray) the whole earth. . . that is, MANY places. . . will experience the life-giving impact of His Kingdom, in answer to our prayers that very night.

So, let's PREPARE ourselves for something extraordinary!

December 31st could be (not to speak too dramatically) a crossroads for world evangelization. Truly, it should be a prayer meeting that will have repercussions for Ages to come.

Yes, let's begin to prepare for it. . . prepare to encounter HIM. . . in His indwelling supremacy. . . at the CM 2000 night of prayer. Let's not wait until December to prepare. All through the next few weeks let's get ready to pray on December 31st. Let's do it by times of repentance and fasting; through the study of God's promises for the nations; and by shaping our daily walk with Christ in ways that will prepare us to receive all the answers when they come, in 2001 and beyond.

PREPARE. . . for His visitation, among us and for nations. It is waiting for us as we pray together, like never before, at CM 2000.

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