CM2000 31 December, 2000
Plenary: All Night Prayer for the New Millennium

Praying Messiah into the Nations

Dear CM2000 Brothers & Sisters:

Greetings and blessings from the AD2000 International Office in Colorado Springs, with great praises to God and thanks to you for planning to be at the Celebrate Messiah 2000 (CM2000) historic event in Jerusalem and Bethlehem in December 2000.

The evening of 31 December 2000, as the millennium clock turns into the 21st century, David Bryant of Concerts of Prayer International will be leading us in prayer celebrating Jesus through the eight (8) stages of His life upon the earth - which will continue until the wee hours of the morning. We hope and pray all of us will come to those eight (8) hours well prepared in heart and spirit to praise and pray like never before unto our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus! May it be so!

To help us prepare for this time, a few items will be provided to aid this process:

I look forward to this very special evening together, as well as the entire CM2000 program spread over those days together. May you be mightily blessed as you read and reflect on these offerings to follow, coming to Jerusalem fully prepared for a fresh encounter with Jesus that will live with you forever! May it be so!

In His limitless love!

Luis Bush

P.S. Please pass this on to others attending the conference in your area that may not have access to email! Thank you.

Praying Messiah into the Nations

David Bryant

The place: Jerusalem. The time: New Year's Eve 2000. The people: 2,500 leaders from 110 countries. The activity: eight hours of concerted prayer throughout the night. The purpose: to pray the supremacy of Messiah into the nations. The vision: to reproduce this prayer meeting all over the world. The result: should God answer us, nothing short of true biblical revival!

From December 27, 2000-January 3, 2001, the AD2000 and Beyond movement will conduct its grand finale in Celebrate Messiah 2000. After a full decade of worldwide mobilization toward reaching unreached peoples, this international mission coalition plans will cease to exist. It will be replaced by scores of international networks and projects, designed to keep the heartbeat of the AD2000 movement alive for years to come.

Prayer has dominated the AD2000 movement from its inception, maybe more than any similar coalition in church history. That's why Luis Bush (AD2000 international director) and his team felt compelled to set aside an entire night for prayer at the Jerusalem congress, designating it as a full plenary session to be attended by all delegates (not just prayer leaders). They have asked me to help shape and guide the session. Using Colossians 1:24-29 as a foundation, the session will be called "Messiah Supreme: Among Us, For Nations."

So, in the place where Messiah gave the Great Commission . . . in the place where a 10-day corporate prayer meeting became the divine fountainhead for major Kingdom advances . . . in the place where a "great awakening" transformed a first century empire . . . in the place where New Testament-style revival marked its claim . . . thousands of Christian leaders will unite to seek God for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit on this generation. As we do, we will welcome the dawn of the true Third Millennium (January 1, 2001).

Here's how we will approach praying the supremacy of Messiah into the church and the nations:

We'll open and close with hope-filled worship-worship that focuses not only on what God already has done in world evangelization, but also on what He is preparing to do to fully establish Messiah's supremacy throughout the earth. Such worship may arise from songs, prayers, reports, and testimonies, as well as a litany of verbal praises. Concluding worship will glorify God by expressing our confidence that He will answer us.

The eight themes we will use come from the major events of Messiah's life and ministry. Fundamentally, our prayers will ask the Father to replicate each one, by the Spirit's power, throughout the worldwide advance of the gospel. In summary, here's what 2,500 leaders will seek:

Four focuses will occupy us as we work through the eight themes. They will be repeated, in order, for each segment, but with creative variety.

  • CELEBRATION. We will praise God for promises related to each theme.
  • PREPARATION. We will encourage a brief meditation to clarify our biblical understanding of what praying for each theme entails.
  • INTERCESSION. We will pray facets of each theme into the church, locally or worldwide; then into the nations, including our own.
  • CONSECRATION. We will dedicate ourselves more fully to Messiah, to live more consistently with what we've prayed, and to be part of the answers to our prayers no matter what the cost.

    Well, that's how we'll pray in Jerusalem on December 3lst. And you can join us, right where you are. You don't necessarily have to schedule the whole eight hours. You could start with five minutes on each theme. Including opening and closing worship that would amount to about an hour.

    What a memorable way to enter the Third Millennium. What a vision of revival it could paint for you and those who join you. And what a mission for any prayer meeting to take on: Praying the supremacy of our Messiah into a whole generation-and waiting with joy for the answers!

    This article is used by permission of Pray! magazine. It will appear in the Nov/Dec. issue of Pray!. To receive a risk-free issue of Pray!, call 1-800-691-7729 (U.S.) or 1-760-781-5219. Subscription rates: $19.97 per year, ($24.97, foreign).

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