CM2000 December, 2000
Plenary: Affirming the Role of the Majority Church in World Missions

The Principles, Practice and Plan
of Horizontes Latin America

David Bothelo

The Principles

Our principles are based on two things firstly Acts 1:8 " the ends of the earth". Lastly, ten years ago the UK Director of World Horizons said "Go and start World Horizons in Latin America and do it in a truly Latin American way".

The Practice

In '92 we were challenged by the World Horizons leader in Spain to send a team to work with him. We sent twelve Bible college trained students. After a short period he said that the team were ill-prepared, they had no global vision and further they did not understand `Team', and they certainly knew nothing of the `10/40 Window'. Our response to that was, "What is the 10/40 Window?" We talked to many other Brazilian mission leaders and they did not know about the 10/40. Some leaders had been to Lausanne and yet they had not brought the information back for the Brazilian Church. We were greatly challenged by this `Window' talk and wanted to tell others.

May '93 saw us at the GCOWE conference in South Korea. Here we were challenged and inspired by the things that were said about the Global Church. We began to see the opportunities open to the Latin American Church to be involved and committed in a new way before the year 2000. Then in July of that year with minimal resources we translated and printed the book The Key to the Missionary Problem by Andrew Murray. We did this for the whole Brazilian Church and in this we included the first published article about the 10/40 Window.

During '96 we took a small team of five through the Sahellian nations of Burkina Faso and Niger. From the things we saw at that time we were challenged to send 5000 Latin American missionaries to the Sahel area. It was at this time that we started to think of the implications and the immensity of the work. How can we do it? How can Latins work with Westerners? How do we recruit? How do we train effectively? How do we raise the resources to take and keep them there? So may questions where will we find the answers? After conversations with different Western leaders we felt that it would be possible to start a project and raise 100 Latins to work there. Having thought about this we realised that we had insufficient man-power to recruit and train effectively. We began talking to other Latin American mission groups about working in `Partnership', from this we teamed up with five Latin and five non-Latin groups. The project started and we had 500 candidates from which only sixteen had sufficient financial resources. We believe that God had great mercy on us when he gave us only these sixteen, we learnt so much about how to mobilise, recruit, train, send and keep them on the field. The project was for a two year period but over half stayed for a third year. All of them are committed to return to the 10/40 Window, half have already left Latin America and the others are in the process. With the things we learnt we launched a much larger project `Project Radical the 10/40 Window and Beyond'.

`Project Radical the 10/40 Window and Beyond'

Basic facts:

This team visited more than a thousand churches and are currently in the UK and France where they are studying language for up to nine months. They arrived in the UK miraculously thanks to the inefficiency or was it a blessing from British Airways for the total cost of 20 per ticket?

The Plan

With earlier and present growing experiences and with the excitement of the Latin American Church we want to move onwards to begin what we believe is a new God-given project `Project Gideon'. This will be a five year experience for 300 people.

We do not have a proper building structure, just as before with the `Radical Project'. The team will have limited facilities such as no heating or bathrooms and toilets in the block where they sleep and train, (the toilets are 100 yards away in another building and even these are insufficient for that number). The training centre is in a mountainous area where the temperature falls in the wintertime to minus 10 centigrade and sometime lower! Our base team workers are few but we feel that God is calling us to be even more Radical for His Glory. Please stand with us in prayer that the work he has given us to do may be achieved in His strength and not ours!

The Challenge

In the time of `Perestroika' President Gorbachev said to the Soviet parliament "If not us, who? If not now, when? Gorbachev knew that the time was right for change. We know, as did the Sons of Issacar that we are the right people living at the right time. It is time for all of us to be more RADICAL for Jesus our Saviour, Lord and soon coming King.

Let us finish the task set before us and bring Jesus back in our generation.

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