CM2000 29 December, 2000
Plenary: Serving the Poor and Needy

Children at Risk:
It's Time to Call in the Children!

Heidi Baker

God wants His house to be full. Jesus said in Matthew 18:3-5 I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me.

Jesus tells a story about a Wedding Banquet in Luke 14: 16-23. It is a parable about the soon coming wedding feast, where the church, the bride of Christ will meet her groom Jesus. In the story we find a father preparing an amazing feast for his son. It was beautifully prepared at great cost. Our Father God has prepared a wedding feast for us the church. It cost Him the life of His son to prepare it. Everyone is invited. All are welcome, but many are not hungry.

In the parable the servant friend of the Father goes out and calls in the guests. The rich guests began to make excuses. They did not feel a need to attend the feast. They were all well fed. One of them made a bogus excuse about having to check out some property he had just bought. No one ever buys property without first seeing it. Another one made a ridiculous excuse about having to try out some oxen he just bought. No one ever buys animals for work purposes without trying them out first. Another invited guest would not come to the feast because he had just gotten married.

Some people have told me that our loving heavenly Father never gets angry. In this story, we find that He does. There are no excuses. We must be prepared for the wedding feast. The Father sends out His servant friend to go out quickly into the streets and alleys of the town and bring in the poor, the crippled, the blind and the lame.

We have taken this parable seriously in Mozambique. Our work is not complicated. We are simply called to be servant friends and lovers of our bride groom Jesus. We go out to the streets and into the garbage dump and find dying abandoned hurting children. There has never been a time when we have heard of a poor child living under a bridge or on a heap of garbage saying that they could not come and have a meal with us. They are always hungry. They are hungry for both spiritual and physical food. Since the floods which wiped out 1.000000 homes in Mozambique, not one person has ever said no to Jesus. Everyone we have invited to the wedding feast of Jesus has said yes. Over 30,000 people in our little mission have given their hearts to Jesus since the floods in February. The poor know they are hungry, they love to be invited to a feast. They have no money to buy land, or animals, or to have a wedding feast of their own. They want to come and eat. We only need to go out and invite them.

Several years ago I had a very clear vision of Jesus and me in the garbage dump. We were calling in the children to the wedding feast. The children were dressed in rags and had open soars on their bodies. Their hair was brown from malnutrition. Some had fresh knife wounds. They had big bloated belly's and worms in their bare feet. Jesus put exquisite robes of purple, red, royal blue, gold and silver upon them. The soot on their faces was washed away and light shone from them. We touched their soars and bloated bellies and they were healed. Their hair became shinny and black. Jesus lead us all dancing out of the garbage dump and into the wedding feast. The tables went on further then I could see. They were beautifully set. The most delicious looking food I have ever seen was laid upon the tables. The head table was at the front of the banqueting hall. There were bouquets of gloriously lovely flowers on the table. Jesus waved His hand and called all of the children from the dump to sit at the head table with Him.

From the time I had that vision I have been ministering with teams in the garbage dump and on the streets. Not one child has ever said they were not hungry. Not one has ever made an excuse not to meet Jesus. We have found children in the garbage, under trees and bridges, in cardboard box houses and in the brothels. We have called in every child we have found to come and live with us. We now have over a 800 children in our care. After we began to call in the children God poured out a powerful revival among us. We went from three churches in our mission to over 600 in just three years. We have asked every one of our churches to take in twenty orphaned or abandoned children. They are receiving the vision with joy! There is always enough because Jesus died for us. Each day He provides us with food. Four times He has multiplied food for us. We have never said no to an orphaned or abandoned child. The Father of the fatherless cares for us all.

Each child has a story. I will share one with you. Ernesto was living on the streets for about three years. He has no idea how old he was. He had been raped and beaten more times then he cares to remember. He joined gangs when he could and ate with the money he got begging and stealing. The first night I met Ernesto, he came home to live with us. His favorite part of the evening was experiencing a warm shower for the first time in his life. He got new clothes and a bed with a blanket, another first. We prayed for him and gave him a hug and kiss goodnight. He met Jesus and started to go to school. One day, he had a vision. He was taken up to heaven and was dancing with the angels. He was taken to Jesus, who he said was full of love and light. Jesus told him to stop stealing and beating up other children. He told him, that he loved him and wanted him to tell everybody about himself. Ernesto used to be both angry and shy, but after the vision, he became one of our most anointed child preachers. He preaches on the streets, and in the dump. He calls the other hurting, abandoned, and lost children to come to the feast and meet Jesus. He calls them to come and live with us too.

Wake up church! The feast is about to begin. So many of the poor, the broken, the sick, the children, have yet not been called. Wake up church, it's time to call them in. God wants His house to be full.

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